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11 Halloween Decorating Ideas You Can Find at Dollar Stores

Scary skulls, creepy crafts, ghoulish lighting and more


Home Improvement

Consumers Should Stop Using Carbon Monoxide Detector

CO linked to over 20,000 ER visits a year

Outdoor Fabrics Have Evolved With New Colors, Designs

These materials bring style to spaces inside and out

Be Your Own Barista With an At-Home Coffee Bar

Getting in on this new java trend is easy

Quiz: What Do You Know About Home Improvements?

Test your knowledge of remodeling, renovations

10 Tips to Help Make Your Home Fall-Proof

Easy fixes like installing grab bars to avoid injury and support aging in place

Your Home Journey

Selling Your Home? Check Out This One-Year Countdown​

Our guide suggests downsizing, getting a home inspection and more

Your Home Checklist for Aging in Place

Consider making upgrades in some of these 10 areas in your house to help ensure safety

New Law Helps You Save Money on Energy and Taxes

Inflation Reduction Act expands incentives for green appliances, HVAC, solar and more

Yard and Garden

9 Yard and Garden Chores for Fall

This autumn to-do list will create healthier plants during growing season

13 Summer Flowers to Plant Right Now

It isn't too late for new blossoms, with proper watering, fertilizing techniques

Plant Flower Bulbs Now for a Blast of Spring Color

A little advance planning can translate into gorgeous springtime blossoms

Clean and Organize

Quiz: How Clean Is Your Home?

Test your knowledge of germs and cleanliness

Where to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Decluttering experts explain the best options

Organizing by Color Can Make Your Life Simpler and More Fun

This technique might save you time and money

7 Spaces to Clean in Your Kitchen, Bedroom and More

The dirtiest things in your house might surprise you

How to Get Rid of Pests in the Kitchen

Strategies for keeping pesky intruders outside

Food and Feasting

3 Salads Hearty Enough for a Meal

Delicious, nutritious and no oven needed

6 Great Ways to Grill Vegetarian

Barbecues aren’t just for meat lovers anymore

27 Delicious Dishes That Can Feed a Crowd

Consider food safety, allergies and heritage when menu planning for a big gathering

Home Videos

Prevent At-Home Accidents With Nonslip Flooring

Falls are the leading cause of accidents for people 65 or older

See How to Anchor Your Furniture

Tall and heavy furniture can be at risk for toppling over. Learn how to prevent accidents

Easy Updates to Your Home Lighting

Learn how to update and customize the lights in your home by replacing your switches and more


Medicare Part B Premiums, Deductibles Dropping in 2023

Move comes after a record increase in 2022


How Older Adults Can Prepare for Hurricanes, Other Disasters

Typical prep lists may not include items you'll need

Today's Money Tip: Travel Apps That Help You Save

Pack your phone with these free downloads

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Today: More on 2023's Medicare Premiums

Also: Telling viral illnesses apart

When Your Eyes Are 2 Different Colors

It's rare, but it can signal problems

Join Us Thursday for Live Town Hall Event

COVID vaccines, flu season and more

Is It a Cold, the Flu or COVID-19?

A few tricks for telling them apart


6 Drugs That Can Harm Your Hearing

Not all are prescription medications

A Guide to Surviving Bear Markets

Important facts to know if you're 50+

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Read the Latest AARP Publications Online

See them before they arrive in the mail

Birthday: Podcaster, Actor Marc Maron

He's a pioneer in digital broadcasting

10 Quick Questions for Donny Osmond

He’s back on stage in Vegas

38 Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Tips to add allure to your abode

At Home

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Today's Workout: 10-Minute Balance Class

Bryant Johnson leads the session

Pet Essentials for an Emergency or Disaster

They should be part of any plan

10 Better Ways to Do Grownup Eye Makeup

Give your peepers a new look

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What’s New in Books This Week

Latest from the publishing world


What's Coming and Going on Netflix

Your top choices for October

Reality vs. Film: How Does 'Blonde' Rate?

Monroe biographer on film's accuracy

The Very Best Witch Movies, My Pretties

A truly enchanting watchlist

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Find Free Online Events and Classes

Visit the Virtual Community Center

Navigate Medicare With Confidence

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The Car You Want and the Safety You Need

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