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What Can Walking Do for You and Your Health?

How lacing up and heading out can be beneficial


AARP Rewards  


AARP Rewards  

How Do Relationships Affect Finances?

Test your knowledge of close relations and money

Avoid Scams About Identity Theft

Ace this quiz to learn how to protect your personally identifiable information

Work & Retirement

AARP Rewards  

Tricky Job Interview Questions

Prove that you know what the right responses are

Do You Have the Right Work-Life Balance?

What makes employees happier and avoid burnout

Are You Getting Ready for Retire?

Learn how to plan for your ideal retirement

Home and Family

AARP Rewards  

Do You Know the Rules of the Road?

Even longtime drivers have gaps in driving know-how

Is Your Home Ready to Age With You?

Remodeling strategies to stay in your home longer

Which Home Claims Are Covered?

From meteors to dog bites, the answers may surprise you

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

Find out here if you can score "best in show"

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The quizzes below are not part of the AARP Rewards program.

How Well Do You Know Your 1960s Movies?

Try to match these classic lines with their films

Famous 1970s Movie Quotes Trivia

Evaluate your film IQ with this challenging quiz

U.S. Presidential History

Test your knowledge of these chief executives

Take Our New Words Quiz

How strong is your vocabulary?

The Masters Trivia

This one is no gimme