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Pilates Anytime

Video run time is 34 minutes.


Pilates Anytime: Stretch Your Hips and Sides

In Class 8 of the 30-Minute Pilates series, learn how to strengthen the muscles along your core

Welcome to this gentle mat class led by Erin Wilson, an instructor for the online streaming platform Pilates Anytime. You will learn how to incorporate gentle movements to strengthen your obliques and arms while improving lateral mobility in your spine.

Use two pillows to assist you in opening the sides of your body and the front of your hips. This class offers modifications for all fitness levels throughout the class. All abilities are welcome. It’s important that you each listen to your own body and move at your own pace throughout this class. You can stop at any time and skip any movements that are not comfortable.

Please consult your physician before beginning any new exercise regimen.

This video is part of AARP’s Virtual Community Center, where you can find a variety of free virtual events designed for learning, self-improvement and fun.

About the instructor

Erin Wilson was first introduced to the Pilates Method at 13 and became a fully certified Pilates teacher through Body Arts and Science International while completing her degree in exercise science in 2008. She loves helping people feel better both mentally and physically, and it is truly the joy of her life to teach Pilates. She works with clients from all walks of life, ages 9 to 92, and is passionate about educating them about their bodies and ways to improve chronic pain and patterns. Erin feels that she will forever be the “student” in Pilates, and is excited to share the knowledge she has accumulated with the Pilates Anytime community. She also led our Begin Pilates series.

Read about the lifelong benefits of Pilates.

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Pilates Anytime

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