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Marine Corps Base Lejeune, North Carolina - A light armored vehicle commander with 1st Platoon, Company A, 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Marine Division, was awarded the Purple Heart here May 23.

Vietnam Veteran Fell Victim to COVID-19 Grant Scam

Scammers took his money and social security numbers, leaving him at risk for identity theft

Identity Theft Prevention

Woman filling out an online unemployment benefits application form. She is using a laptop computer

Identity Thieves File Phony Unemployment Claims

FBI warns of spike in fraud cases as millions of workers lose jobs

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10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Fraud expert Frank Abagnale offers 10 easy steps to help beat identity thieves.

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Shot of the word coronavirus

12 Tips from Top Feds to Avoid Fraud During the Pandemic

A dozen federal officials offer advice to outsmart coronavirus scammers

Types of Identity Theft

Social Security card with

Social Security Scams

Keep an eye on your account online before scammers try to take it over

Hand is holding phone with IRS scam calls

IRS Impostors

Scamsters try to get your personal information to file fake tax returns

Medicare fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year

Medicare Card Scams

How fraudsters could steal your health benefits from you

Online Safety

Bitcoin Symbol on Pixelated Background

Cryptocurrency Investors Should Watch Out for Scams

Keep eyes open when buying Bitcoin, similar products amid the coronavirus pandemic

Man looking at laptop

How to Spot Fake Political Ads and Posts on Social Media

Be wary of misinformation — and disinformation — during election 2020

Senior woman, aged 64, working on laptop computer in kitchen

Feds Shut Down Website Peddling COVID-19 Vaccine

As coronavirus scams multiply, DOJ issues tips to recognize and avoid them

Fraud Watch Network

Phone with an alert bubble

Get Alerts

Sign up to get the latest breaking scam alerts delivered right to your inbox

Map with markers

Spot a Scam

Check out our scam-tracking map to learn what to watch out for and warn others

Computer mouse caught in a dark web

Who Has Your Data?

Deep within the internet is the dark web where criminals buy and sell your private information

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