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The Definitive Guide to Reducing Robocalls

Follow these steps to cut back on calls everybody loves to hate

Gifts Cards Are for Gifts — Not Criminals

AARP survey finds some deceived into buying cards for strangers

Cybercriminals Stole $1.8 Billion from Older Americans

In 2020, FBI blames last year's scam surge on technology dependence during pandemic

13 Costco Scams Warehouse Shoppers Should Beware

The real Costco is not behind the pervasive cons that co-opt its name

Clergy Scams: How Impious Impostors Prey on the Faithful

Fraudsters with sob stories cajole worshippers for gift cards — and keep the loot

Tax Scams

Beware of Phony Tax Preparers

This season is a field day for scammers looking to take advantage of you

Protect Yourself from IRS Scam Calls

Beware of scammers mentioning an unpaid tax bill, asking for payment immeadiately

Coronavirus Scams

Fraudsters Hit Program Giving Cash for COVID Funerals

Beware unsolicited calls, emails offering help with FEMA application

Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards Put Public Health at Risk

Authorities warn Twitter, Shopify, eBay to stem online sales of sham records

Beware COVID-19 Frauds and Scams

Nearly 500 charged with crimes during yearlong Justice Department crackdown

10 Red-Hot COVID Scams Vexing Older Americans

Frauds have evolved, so watch out for latest threats

Pandemic Proves to Be Fertile Ground for Identity Thieves

Number of identity theft cases more than doubled in 2020 from 2019, FTC report finds

Stimulus Check Scams

This Is What a Real Paper Stimulus Check Looks Like

With third round of stimulus payments going out, consumers are warned to beware of scammers

Fake Stimulus Checks Drive Traffic to Used-Car Sale

Federal lawsuit alleges deceptive and illegal tactics

First Fraud Charges Involving Stimulus Loans Filed

Feds allege men schemed to get relief money


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