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The Center for Aging in Place Website


Between 2006 and 2030, the 65+ population is expected to nearly double. The Center for Aging in Place is a non-profit organization created to promote the movement of aging in place in Westchester County, New York. According to the “Aging in Place Backgrounder” document found on the website, Westchester County currently has eight Aging in Place (AIP) programs that are intended to accommodate the housing, transportation, and social needs of the rapidly expanding older adult population and allow for healthy and successful aging in place.

Key Points

The Center for Aging in Place provides information and assistance for community-led organizations seeking to establish aging in place membership programs in Westchester County. Benefits of aging in place for seniors and communities are outlined on the website and include increased social interaction and community engagement among seniors, transportation services to get seniors where they need to go, and promoted intergenerational relationships, among many other things. The website offers tools and resources to planners looking to create an AIP program that will best meet the needs of seniors in their community.

Resources offered on the website include:

  1. A checklist for starting an Aging in Place (AIP) program offers a step-by-step guide for planners and community leaders to start an AIP program, offering assistance from creating the vision statement to launching the AIP program.
  2. AARP Fact Sheet: The Village – A Growing Option for Aging in Place is a fact sheet that provides information on the movement of community “villages” as a viable option to assist older adults in aging in place.
  3. Teamwork for Community Building is a virtual online training program provided by The Center for Aging in Place that promotes the leadership and teamwork needed to establish and maintain a successful AIP program.

How to Use

Planners, community leaders, and local officials can use this website as a resource to gather information on the AIP membership programs and “villages” in Westchester County and the benefits these programs offer to senior members and the community as a whole. This website provides a resource for planners and local officials looking to make their community more age-friendly by establishing the village model to allow for successful aging in place.

View website: The Center for Aging in Place Website

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