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5 Questions for ... Interview Series

We talk to policy makers, planners, politicians, experts and others who are working to create livable communities for people of all ages

Woman In Kitchen, Baking, 1950s, Domestic Goddess, Gender Roles, Mildred Warner Interview

5 Questions for Planning Professor Mildred Warner

So many aspects of daily life could be less time-consuming and less stressful (for women, families, caregivers) if our spaces and places were more smartly defined

More Interviews

5 Questions About Vision Zero

Safe streets advocate Leah Shahum explains why "0" is a perfect score — and how more communities can achieve it

5 Questions for Florida for Transportion Secretary Billy Hattaway

The Sunshine State is tops among the most unfriendly places in the nation to be a pedestrian. Change and Complete Streets are in the works.

5 Questions for Parris Glendening about Smart Growth

The former Maryland Governor explains why sprawl is not smart for the environment, the economy, social equity or communities for people of all ages

5 Questions for Architect Daniel Parolek About 'Missing Middle Housing'

Between costly, cramped city apartments and oversized suburban McMansions, there's … what? Here's why mid-sized, walkable new housing disappeared and how we can get it back

5 Questions for Pat Rumbaugh

The cofounder of Let's Play America is on a mission to encourage joy, improve communities and connect neighbors

5 Questions for Gil Penalosa

The globe-trotting creator of ciclovias and open streets explains why people ages 8 and 80 are "the indicator species" for good places to live

5 Questions for Carol Rhea

The new president of the American Planning Association talks about creating livable places (with and without a magic wand)

5 Questions for Katherine Freund

An advocate explains how the transportation needs of older adults can be met if safe drivers of all ages would share a ride

5 Questions for Joel Russell 

An advocate for using form-based code explains why zoning based on the shape and relation of buildings rather than on their use creates better communities for people of all ages

5 Questions for Sarah Susanka

The architect and champion of the 'Not So Big House' talks housing for boomers and beyond

5 Questions for Anthony Foxx

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation explains why the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists is as much his priority as the safety of travelers on planes, trains and in automobiles

5 Questions for Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, M.D.

The president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation explains why a “Culture of Health” is fundamental to creating great places for people of all ages

5 Questions for Rose Gowen, M.D

The doctor turned city commissioner offers an age-friendly prescription for Brownsville, Texas

5 Questions for Patricia Sears

After a career spent community-building abroad, an economic development expert explains why she’s investing in Newport, Vermont

5 Questions for Richard Duncan

The universal design specialist explains how housing can be more appropriately (and attractively) designed for a home's every resident and guest

5 Questions for Mitchell Silver

AARP visits with the award-winning, internationally renowned planner right before he starts work as New York City’s Commissioner of Parks and Recreation

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