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Mayors and Managers Interview Series

Creating livable communities is a national movement but, ultimately, a local effort for mayors as well as city, town and county managers or executives

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Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren joined by children participating in the annual Let’s Move on the Trail Event

Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren (center) created the Healthy Fontana initiative (which includes the annual "Let's Move on the Trail" fitness event, pictured) to reduce obesity and obesity-related illnesses in her city.

Acquanetta Warren, Mayor, Fontana, California

After learning that her hometown had some of the worst obesity rates in the state, she launched a campaign against youth "di-obesity" and for a healthy city

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More Interviews

Jim Kenney, Mayor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Rebuild Philadelphia initiative is investing in libraries, parks and playgrounds, Complete Streets policies, Vision Zero projects and overall efforts to be more livable for people of all ages

Richard J. Berry, Mayor, Albuquerque, New Mexico

The city's Heading Home Project and There's a Better Way initiative are solving problems

Joe Riley, Retired Mayor, Charleston, South Carolina

Serving for 10-terms (that's 40 years!), he revitalized the city, founded an urban design institute and, as a retiree, is teaching at two colleges and helping create an African-American history museum

Brandt Richardson, County Manager, Dakota County, Minnesota

The fastest-growing age group in his area are people age 65+ — so he's helping the region's urban, suburban and rural communities get ready

Gary Jackson, City Manager, Asheville, North Carolina

The manager of daily operations in this Blue Ridge Mountain city and tourist destination talks about his community's 123 Graffiti Free efforts, accessory dwelling unit policies and more

Christopher Cabaldon, Mayor, West Sacramento, Calif.

This popular mayor (he's held the post since 1998) sees age-friendliness as a way to take what his city has wanted to do "and make it real"

Robert Reichert, Mayor, Macon-Bibb, Georgia

Why being age-friendly is key to creating a great place to live 

Betsy Hodges, Mayor, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yes, the winters are cold, but this mayor says her city is a very fine and increasingly fair place for older adults (and people of all ages) to reside year-round

Charlie Hales, Mayor, Portland, Oregon

Why the benefits of a city need to benefit everyone

William Peduto, Mayor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The importance of having an open door

Julian Castro, Mayor, San Antonio, Texas

The mayor turned U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development talks about creating an age-friendly city

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