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Promising Practices and How-To's

Field-tested strategies and "livable lessons" for creating great places for people of all ages

Featured How-To

Bethel Better Block Logo, AARP Livable Communities, Tool Kits and How To's, Pop-up

Pop-Up Project: Bethel Better Block

A Vermont Main Street is temporarily transformed to show its potential

More How-To's

How to Effectively (and Respectfully) Help a Community in Crisis

Advice and observations from AARP Michigan after working on the ground in Flint

How Leaders Can Connect With Their Community

We asked AARP staff and volunteers to tell us about the outreach and engagement efforts they see working in towns, cities and communities nationwide

This High School Has a Senior Center

How a shared-space solution helped Swampscott, Massachusetts, save money and serve residents of many ages

How Block Parties Can Build Bridges 

A bottom-up project in Saint Paul, Minnesota, works with residents to revitalize neighborhoods ripped apart by Interstate 94

Advice from the Friendly Streets Initiative

Strategies for success from working on the ground in Saint Paul, Minnesota

How to Create a Community Advocate Program

Sometimes, to make a community livable, a community (in this case, the suburban city of Maricopa, Arizona) needs to advocate for itself

How to Make Communities More Livable for People With Vision or Hearing Impairments

Inclusive design and smart solutions prevent isolation and enable independence

How to Play Pickleball and Other Age-Friendly Games

Shuffleboard is so yesterday. Pickleball, cornhole, disc golf, drumming and various bowling games are helping young and old stay physically active, have fun and connect with one another

How to Create an Aging Well Resource Center

With nearly 40 percent of its population age 50-plus, Littleton, Colorado, is helping older adults and caregivers navigate some of life's daily challenges

How To Get People Dancing in Public Places

Two octogenarians bring their fancy footwork to the supermarket and inspire others to as well

How to Create a "Handy Tools" Display

Certain household utensils and gadgets can be very helpful to older adults — if they know which ones to look for and how to use them

How to Go Car-Free (or Car-Lite)

10 tips for testing the waters or taking the plunge

How to Plant 99 Street Trees in Just a Few Hours

Greenery is helping grow community engagement in an urban business district

Create, Maintain and Manage an Intergenerational Community Garden 

With fresh produce hard for many residents to come by, Newport, Vermont, gets down and dirty

How to Create a Parklet

In places crowded with streets and structures, small open spaces (even those as small as a parking spot) can provide lots of room to relax

How to Organize a Ciclovia or Open Streets Event

When roads are closed to cars and trucks (as Brownsville, Texas, does several times a year), people can safely walk, bicycle and even dance in the streets

How to Encourage More 'Lifelong' Housing 

The U.S. population is rapidly aging, yet few homes are age- and accessibility-friendly. Here's how community leaders in Oregon's Rogue Valley are working to change that

How to Get a Traffic Light Installed

When pedestrians in South Austin, Texas, couldn’t safely cross the road, they spoke out, stepped up and succeeded

How to Challenge Your Community to Change for the Better — in 100 Days or Less

Quick, frequent wins keep participants engaged, build needed momentum and get the work done

How to Create a Grandparents Park

In need of a place for children and adults to spend more time together outdoors, Wichita, Kansas, builds a playground for all ages

How to Involve the Right Players in a Livable Communities Plan

AARP state offices in Kansas, Vermont and Arkansas share tips for getting off to a good start with key stakeholders

How to Work With Public Health to Advance Livable Communities

There's a strong and important connection between health and livability efforts

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