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Video: Transportation Accessibility

A panel discussion from the AARP Livable Communities Transportation Workshop

This workshop plenary panel discussed the types of transportation systems that provide equitable and increased access to destinations for people of all ages and abilities.

AARP Livable Communities Transportation Workshop

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  • Rodney Harrell, Ph.D
    Vice President, AARP Public Policy Institute
    Harrell leads a group that provides thought leadership on family, home and community issues by developing research, policy analysis and innovative solutions. 
    (Twitter: @DrUrbanPolicy)


  • Joseph Yawn
    Transportation Technology Administrator, Atlanta Regional Commission  
    Joseph Yawn works closely with partners and stakeholders on advancing transportation technologies to help meet the commission’s goals. 
    (Twitter: @Jyawn33)

  • Valerie Lefler
    Founder and Executive Director, Feonix - Mobility Rising
    An expert in rural transportation and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in low-density communities, she leads Feonix - Mobility Rising, AARP Driver Safety’s MaaS platform contractor.
    (Twitter: @FeonixRising, @ValerieDLefler)

  • Eric Sinagra
    Co-Founder/CEO, pathVu
    pathVu uses proprietary technology to help cities and municipalities identify problems with sidewalks and improve safety for all users.
    (Twitter: @pathVulnc)

  • Tim Woods
    General Manager, Autonomous Vehicle Alliance
    A nationally recognized consultant with more than 25 years of experience, Tim Woods works to drive innovation and the appropriate use of technology in consumer products and services. The Autonomous Vehicles Alliance is a collaborative research organization that  identifies and plans for the opportunities provided by autonomous vehicles.
    (Twitter: TimEWoods1)

Plenary Panel: Accessibility 

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