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Wildfires and Indoor Air Quality: What You Need to Know

Smoke and other impurities can pollute air in your home


Home Improvement

6 Gardening Myths Debunked By Our Experts

Your ideas about plants and more may be outdated

11 Tips for Window Air Conditioner Maintenance

Keep cool and save on costs, plus portable ACs

8 Reasons You Don’t Want a Swimming Pool

Is a pool worth it? Maintenance might mean no

5 Affordable Home Design Trends for a Fresh Look

Consider new styles of wallpaper and furniture

5 Home Improvements That Pay Off at Resale

Getting top dollar requires upgrades

Your Home Journey

8 Small Home Upgrades With Big Impact for Aging

Consider minor changes to make your house a safer place to grow older

9 Items That Make Home Caregiving Easier

These resources can reduce challenges in caring for loved ones

Selling Your Home? Check Out This One-Year Countdown​

Our guide suggests downsizing, getting a home inspection and more

Yard and Garden

How to Grow Your Own Herbs, Indoors or Out

Add some taste and texture to recipes and save money

6 Tips for Planting a Pet-Safe Garden

Watch out for poisonous plants, moldy compost, fertilizers and more

​​10 Indoor Plants That Are Hard to Kill

Consider purchasing a peace lily, snake plant, orchid or 7 others that are easy to grow

Clean and Organize

Swedish Death Cleaning Makes a Comeback

An interview with author Margareta Magnusson

7 Cleaning Tips to Make Your Oven and Stovetop Sparkle

Combine a bit of elbow grease with DIY solutions

8 Things You Never Clean but Should

The dirtiest things in your house might surprise you

13 Germy Places in Your Home (and How to Clean Them)

Don’t let viruses and bacteria spread

8 Easy Steps to a More Organized Home

Small efforts to declutter can lead to tidier spaces

Food and Feasting

11 Ways to Make a Better Potato Salad

Small changes can improve this classic dish

6 Tips to Prep and Clean Your Grill Like a Pro

Prep barbecue equipment for a sizzling season

Home Videos

3 Must-Have Storage Solutions You Should Know

Having proper storage can create a clutter-free home and help prevent accidents

3 Key Renovations for an Easier Living Space

Renovations to your home may be costly, but some are necessary

3 Easy Aging-in-Place Home Updates

Here are three simple but helpful home updates that will allow you to live independently

How to Create an In-Law Suite at Your Home

They allow your aging loved ones to live close by while letting them maintain privacy

How to Prepare Your Parents for a Home Renovation

Here are some tips on ways you can support your parents throughout the process

Make Your Entryway Safe and Stylish

Learn how to revamp your entryway to make it organized, safe and functional

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