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​Your Home Checklist for Aging in Place

​Start with small projects and anticipate future needs​​​


9 Closet Hacks to Organize Your Space

Simple steps to declutter your clothes and shoes

5 Reasons to Love Your Galley Kitchen

This cooking setup is simply great

Consider a Roommate to Save on Soaring Housing Costs

It can be challenging to make rent on a fixed income

DIY Home Improvements to Give Your Home a Fresh Look

Simple projects that revitalize your living space

7 Ways to Make Your Home More Secure

Smart steps for added peace of mind

Yard and Garden

5 Fruit and Vegetable Plants to Grow in Containers

If you love gardening but have a small space, consider a container garden

8 Ways to Create Gorgeous Container Gardens

Pots of bright flowers and foliage add beauty to patios and porches

Gardening Can Be Within Everyone’s Reach

Smart designs, adaptive tools and a sensible, safety-oriented routine can compensate for age

Clean and Organize

12 Really Germy Places In Your Home

Don’t let viruses and bacteria spread

Where to Sell Your Unwanted Stuff

Decluttering experts explain the best options

7 Spaces to Clean in Your Kitchen, Bedroom and More

The dirtiest things in your house might surprise you

How to Get Rid of Pests in the Kitchen

Strategies for keeping pesky intruders outside

13 Things to Throw Away Right Now

Follow the trend toward minimalism

Food and Feasting

27 Delicious Dishes That Can Feed a Crowd

Consider food safety, allergies and heritage when menu planning for a big gathering

The Rub Is the Secret to Better Barbecue This Season

Simple spice blends can add big flavor to your meats or veggies

8 Foods You’re Storing Wrong in the Kitchen

Our guide shows how to store food, spices and oils so they stay fresh longer

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Prevent At-Home Accidents With Nonslip Flooring

Falls are the leading cause of accidents for people 65 or older

See How to Anchor Your Furniture

Tall and heavy furniture can be at risk for toppling over. Learn how to prevent accidents

Easy Updates to Your Home Lighting

Learn how to update and customize the lights in your home by replacing your switches and more

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