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LGBT Spotlight

Asian Parents & their LGBT Children

Let’s encourage API parents to offer their LGBTQ child a lifeline, support their coming out, and keep the family strong

Marital Status and Medicare Eligibility

Here's what is known about where married same-sex spouses stand in relation to Medicare

Can You Be Blocked From Jury Duty if You're Gay?

Learn more about a case in California

Our Impact on Marriage Equality

Boomers: 'Our generation led the way'

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Work & Money

Estate Planning for LGBT Couples

The emotional toll of a death or terminal illness doesn't have to be compounded by financial burdens. Here are five steps you can take now so you'll have peace of mind knowing that whoever lives on will be secure

Best LGBT-Friendly Places to Work

Which companies have the best nondiscrimination policies? Read more

Job Search

Home & Family

Same-Sex Divorce: Another Reason for Marriage Equality

Gay rights have come a long way, but in many states, such as Virginia, gays and lesbians face challenges when their relationships end. Learn about the issues from someone who has lived the experience

How to Support Your Gay Child

This is straight-from-the-heart advice for parents and grandparents who care about their children but might be a little clueless

The Gay Man's Guide to Dating After 50

Whether you're single again or you've been around the block, gay dating isn't easy

Finding LGBT-Friendly Care

If you're gay or lesbian getting the proper caregiving support can be a challenge. Here are the tools to get the support you need

History & Community

40 Years Later: A Look Back at the Turning Point for Gay Rights

For gay and lesbian Americans, June 28, 1969, was the day that changed everything

30 Years of AIDS in America

Memorable milestones in our ongoing fight against this epidemic

A Minority Within a Minority

Learn more about gays and lesbians across the country who are taking advantage of the benefits of same-sex rights legislation in the United States. But check out how some Latin American countries are ahead of the curve on same-sex unions

Arts & Leisure

Top 5 U.S. Gay and Lesbian Travel Destinations

Here's a look at five domestic destinations that fly their gay-pride travel flags the highest

Defying the Macho Culture

In the film 'Gun Hill Road,' a gay teenager and his family struggle in a macho culture in Bronx

Gay Writers in American Literature

In his book 'Eminent Outlaws,' Christopher Bram explores some of America’s iconic gay writers and their cultural impact

Tapping the Muses

Read composer Jorge Martín's creative process for setting the late Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas’s 1993 memoir, 'Before Night Falls,' to music

'On These Shoulders We Stand'

This moving documentary features 11 LGBT elders recounting stories about growing up gay and coming out in 1950s Los Angeles

Where AARP Stands

Where AARP Stands on LGBT issues

LGBT Issues and Aging

As an association, AARP is inclusive in its policies, programs, and advocacy positions. In the guiding words of our founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus, 'What we do, we do for all'


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