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5 Really Helpful Health Apps

These simple mobile apps will put you on the path to better health

  • Screenshot from HealthTap; doctor consulting with a patient.


    En español | This app gives users access to a nationwide network of 47,000 U.S.-licensed doctors who respond to health questions. HealthTap's developers say 10,000 people credit the tool with lifesaving tips since its 2012 launch. Note: HealthTap is not intended or designed to replace your doctor's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of symptoms, conditions or treatments (including procedures), according to its website. (iOS and Android, free)

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  • Screenshot from iPharmacy; prescription pills in hand.

    iPharmacy Drug Guide & Pill Identifier

    This app helps users to identify thousands of pills and drugs. It also lets you track your own medications. And it searches for the lowest prices on prescriptions in your area. (iOS and Android, free)

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  • Screenshot from ZocDoc; doctor with patients in waiting room.


    Healthcare has never been this simple: Enter your illness, location and insurance info and ZocDoc returns a list of doctors who often can see you that day, along with available appointment times and patient reviews. It's great for sick travelers, or anyone who needs a quick appointment time. (iOS and Android, free)

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  • Get connected, stay connected

    AARP Offer: Get and Stay Connected

    Explore Home & Family for tips on family, relationships, technology and more Join AARP today for great ways to save and stay connected to family

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  • Screenshot from StandApp; woman stretching in office.
    Getty Images


    Medical studies have found that sitting for long stretches brings health problems and may take years off your life. This app aims to improve your health by simply reminding you to stand up and move around — you get a nudge to rise at preset intervals along with easy exercise options. (iOS and Android, free)

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  • Screenshot from Clevermind app; crossword puzzle with a pen.


    There are plenty of apps designed to improve brain health and cognition, but clevermind was developed specifically for people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Along with brain and memory games, there are entertainment options, social tools and plans for caregivers. (iOS, free. Android soon)

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