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Does Medicare Cover Dentures?

En español | Original Medicare does not cover dentures or other dental devices, such as partial plates.

In general, Medicare does not cover dental services. However, Medicare Advantage plans — policies sold through private insurance companies that provide all the original Part A and Part B Medicare coverage — often include dental work among their suite of additional benefits, and that may include coverage for dentures.

Medicare Advantage plans may carry additional premiums, above what you pay for original Medicare. If you have Medicare Advantage, check with your plan provider about dental benefits.

You also might be able to access dental benefits if you have a Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy (better known as Medigap). These plans, also sold by private insurers, cover some out-of-pocket costs for original Medicare benefits. 

Some companies that sell them offer their Medigap clients add-on options for dental coverage or discounts on out-of-pocket costs for oral care. Ask your Medigap provider about available deals.



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