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Alzheimer's Deaths Jumped 16 Percent During the Pandemic

Living conditions, lack of social distancing, mask-wearing may be factors

Is a New Treatment for Alzheimer's on the Horizon?

Aducanumab, Biogen's promising but controversial drug, inches closer to FDA approval

Will We Ever Find Cure for Dementia?

AARP's $60 million investment supports research into promising treatments

Dementia's Cost: Report Outlines Burdens for Women

Plus, tips on how to reduce risks and ease and manage family caregiving

Tony Bennett's Long Battle With Alzheimer's

For four years, the legendary singer and his family have kept his secret

Test for Alzheimer's Disease Moves Closer to Reality

Researchers believe game-changing screening will be available to doctors in two years

Take Control of Your Brain Health With Staying Sharp

Our program uses the latest science to help strengthen your brain and sharpen your memory

20 Questions to Ask When Dementia is Diagnosed

UCLA experts say information can help patients and families through next steps

Could COVID-19 Increase Your Risk of Dementia?

A new global study of more than 40,000 coronavirus patients aims to find out

New Platform Aims to Speed Up Alzheimer's Discoveries

Novel treatments could emerge from increased access to data by researchers

Look to the Global Council on Brain Health for Trusted Info

Get the latest scientific insights about what older adults can do to maintain their brain health

Supporting Family Caregivers

Caregiving for a Loved One With Dementia or Alzheimer's

Tips for dealing with the unique challenges that can come with memory loss

Memory Cafes Offer Activities for People With Dementia

Meeting spots provide comfortable spaces for caregivers and their loved ones

Memory Care: Specialized Support for Patients

The right facility can improve safety and quality of life for a loved one with memory problems

'Moonlight Sonata' Director on Dementia, Deafness and Hope

Irene Taylor Brodsky's documentary reveals her dad's Alzheimer's challenges and her deaf son's triumph

Glen Campbell's Widow Writes Their Life Story

New book details battle with Alzheimer's disease and what caregivers need to know

Caregivers Confront the Stigma of Dementia

Help family and friends have better understanding of the illness

Video Spotlight

white line

Giving an African American Face to Alzheimer’s

Brian wants to raise awareness of the increased Alzheimer's risk for African Americans

How to Care for Someone With Dementia

Sanjay Gupta, neurosurgeon and CNN chief medical correspondent, provides tips

Dementia Doesn’t Stop This Travel Enthusiast

Laurie is an avid adventurer fighting dementia. Find out how she overcomes everyday obstacles