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AARP Experience Counts

Celebrate the American Dream and tap into the know-how of those living their best life at every age and stage

‘AARP Experience Counts’: A Newsletter Celebrating America

Showcasing the inspirational stories of fellow Americans


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Got a positive attitude, a fierce independent streak, and a belief that anything is possible when you work to achieve it? We’ve got the must-read for you. AARP Experience Counts is your go-to newsletter for know-how, life hacks, and high-fives for the folks who persevere and push through no matter the odds or obstacles. Savor the stories, share the values, and put a smile on your face. AARP Experience Counts is delivered to your inbox on the first and third Thursday of each month.



Experience Counts Headlines

5 Reasons Why Marriage Is Still the Best Option

The benefits around getting hitched can’t be denied

Meet the World’s Oldest Practicing Physician

Dr. Howard Tucker offers advice on living a long life

Pro-Level Hacks to Travel Dirt Cheap

Credit card rewards points can help you save

Next Exit! 10 of America’s Most Epic Pit Stops

Enjoy these mini adventures on your road trip

Heroic Uber Driver Stops to Save People From Fire

After the rescue, Fritz Sam delivered his passenger

Breaking New Trails: The American Western is Back

The uniquely American genre has returned

Social Security Resources from AARP

AARP Social Security Resource Center

Visit AARP to find social security news, information on benefits, strategies and more

7 Things to Know About Social Security and Taxes

Your overall income should determine whether you owe taxes on your benefits and how much

4 States That May Cut Taxes on Social Security Income

AARP backs legislative efforts to reduce tax bite on benefits

Money Resources from AARP

AARP Tools & Calculators

AARP has tools to help you better manage your finances, health, and planning for retirement

AARP Money Map

Let the AARP Money Map™ guide you to better financial health and peace of mind

AARP Fraud Watch Network

Helping consumers avoid identity theft, dating scams, tax fraud, and more

AARP Podcasts

The Perfect Scam

AARP presents The Perfect Scam weekly podcast series

Take on Today Podcast

AARP presents the Take on Today Podcast - tackling the issues that impact you and your family

Closing the Savings Gap

A podcast focusing on women working to overcome financial roadblocks as they prepare to retire

AARP Games

Right Again! Trivia

AARP’s Right Again! Trivia game is part trivia, part puzzle, and all fun!

FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire is one of the most popular Solitaire games and is perfect for beginners.

Daily Mini Crossword

The daily mini crossword puzzle is the perfect size for a quick break during the day.