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6 Style Secrets of Sexy Men

Spring flings — from your closet

spinner image Style Secrets of Sexy Men Over 50
"They come runnin' just as fast as they can 'cause every girl crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man." - ZZ Top

Dudes, let's talk. Do you really think George Clooney defines "adequate grooming" as toothpaste and a shower? Can you imagine Denzel Washington wearing a pair of baggy pants — or being caught in public pairing white sneakers with black socks? Of course you can't! That's why I've come up with half a dozen style moves, from subtle to overt, designed to make you look and feel like the hunk you really are.

1. Go short or go home. Make your mantra WWBWD: What would Bruce Willis? This much is certain: The man would never resort to the sort of stringy ponytail, comb-over or hipster goatee that too many older guys adopt in compensation for aggressive hair loss. Instead, say it long, say it loud: "I'm bald, and I'm proud!"

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I'm willing to make an exception, mind you, for any guy capable of a "cool hat" look. Kangol, San Diego Hat Company, J. Crew Men, Zara Men, Urban Oufitters and Borsalino offer models that will make you quietly stylish. Just promise me you won't rock a topper that's too tiny for your tête or that sits too far back on it; you don't want to resemble Ben Stiller in While We're Young. In short, if you can't pull off the look, pull off the lid!

2. Details, schmetails? Little things really do mean a lot — especially when they are "sproinging" from your nostrils or ears, so keep all errant facial hair trimmed. Any distraction on a date is going to be the subject of conversation with her girlfriends later on, I guarantee you.

As long as we're on this ticklish topic, whiten your teeth, groom your nails and apply moisturizer, a.m. and p.m., head to toe. And no matter what pride you take in your hairy chest, save it for the beach. That means crew necks, not V-necks. Finally, to obviate a couple of issues that are normally hushed up, wear thicker, looser or textured T-shirts to minimize nipple show-through and "man boobs" that appear when you don't do your daily push-ups.

3. Wear a tailored sports jacket. Forget formality — just throw one of these on over jeans and a tee. To give yourself a little contemporary sizzle, however, choose an "unconstructed" style, or at least an updated trim fit with high armholes. The days of the boxy, bulky blazer are long past.

4. Untuck, half-tuck or layer. Wear casual tees, polos and chambray shirts out over your waistband. If you're too old school for that, tuck in only the front; you'll still get waist definition and feel neat, while concealing any love handles. Another way to hide side bulges — and I'm not saying you have them, you understand — is with a button-down shirt worn open over a tee.

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5. Ditch the pantaloons. Leave the skinny jeans to millennials and fashion folk; they don't exactly flatter boomer thighs and tushes. Then again, roomy pleated pants have an Old Spice feel, so aim for somewhere in the middle: pants or jeans cut straight through the hips and legs. These have an urban edge but allow you to move (and even sit down!) in them. Look for broken-in or washed chinos; soft, relaxed cotton twills; or denim with 2 percent stretch. Finally, feel free to roll the hems; neat, even cuffs are very 1964.

6. Upgrade shoes and specs. As Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Downey Jr. have shown us, boldly rounded or squared frames add character to any face. (And if your brows have gone white or silver, a pair of strong frames can restore facial definition.) Next, give those old open-toed Birkenstocks to Goodwill, and go rakishly barefoot in slip-on sneakers, suede drivers or new-again loafers. Not comfy being "asocksual"? I don't care what the Wall Street Journal has been telling you, the wilder the color and pattern, the better!

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