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Barbie Would Have a 17-inch Waist as a Human: Fabulous Facts to Fuel Your Barbie Obsession

Did you know that Barbie has 7 siblings and has owned 21 dogs?

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Mattel, Inc.

Barbie, the movie sold more than $1 billion worth of tickets in less than three weeks, making it the fastest moneymaker in Warner Bros’ 100-year history, the biggest hit from a female director and … we could go on with Barbie movie facts. But they’re not nearly as interesting as facts about Barbie herself. Here’s what we know.

Barbie’s height: 11.5"

Barbie’s height if she were human: 5'9"

Barbie’s waist circumference: 3.5"

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Barbie’s waist if she were human: 17"

Odds of a woman having Barbie’s body shape: 1 in 100,000

Odds of a man having Ken’s body: 1 in 50

spinner image carol spencer sitting behind three barbie dolls and a small paper cutout of ken
Former Barbie fashion designer Carol Spencer.
Scott Miles Photography

Height of Carol Spencer, who designed Barbie’s clothes for 35 years: 5'6"

Spencer’s waist when she started designing for Barbie: 16"

Weight on the scale in the 1963 Barbie Baby-Sits kit: 110 pounds

Average time it takes for a human to develop a belly button: 2 weeks

Time it took for Barbie to develop a belly button: 41 years

Number of Barbie’s siblings: 7

Gap between oldest and youngest siblings: 47 years

Guinness record for longest gap between siblings from the same human mother: 41 years

Barbie’s age: 19

Length of time Barbie has been 19: 64 years (b. 1959)

spinner image margot robbie in a scene from the film barbie
Margot Robbie stars as the title character in the movie, "Barbie."
Warner Bros. Pictures

Year Barbie owned her first Dreamhouse: 1962

Year the Equal Credit Opportunity Act passed, forcing banks to give loans to women without a male cosigner: 1974

Original Barbie price: $3 ($31 in today’s money)

Most expensive Barbie (wearing a pink diamond necklace): $302,500

Times Barbie has been to space: 3

Most space missions for a human astronaut: 7

spinner image issa rae raises her arm in the air as other barbies cheer on in a scene from the film barbie
Issa Rae (center) stars as President Barbie in the 2023 film.
Warner Bros. Pictures

Year Barbie was both a rapper and presidential candidate: 1992

Year Warren Beatty played a rapper and presidential candidate in Bulworth: 1998

Times the song “Barbie Girl” is sampled in the 2023 movie: 1

Times Mattel sued MCA over the song: 1

Times Mattel lost that suit, in which the judge ended his opinion with, “The parties are advised to chill.”: 1

Pantone number for Barbie Pink: 219C

Number of community service hours that Barbie inventor and Mattel co-founder Ruth Handler was sentenced to for falsifying company earnings: 2,500

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Settlement Mattel paid to shareholders for faking those earnings reports: $30 million

Price Mattel paid in 1964 to buy the rights to Bild Lilli, the slutty doll Handler bought while traveling in Europe with her kids (named Barbie and Ken) and copied to make Barbie: $21,600

Number of wives, including Zsa Zsa Gabor, that Barbie doll designer Jack Ryan had: 5

Phrases the Teen Talk Barbies could say: 270

Phrases each individual Teen Talk Barbie said: 4

Odds of buying a Teen Talk Barbie that said, “Math class is tough!”: 1.5 percent

American girls who own a Barbie doll: 92 percent

Barbies owned by the average American girl: 10

Dogs Barbie has owned: 21

Horses Barbie has owned: 14

Lions Barbie has owned: 1

Number of years Barbie looked alluringly side-eyed: 12

spinner image ryan gosling holding a pair of roller blades next to margot robbie in the driver's seat of a car in the film barbie
Ryan Gosling (left) plays Ken in "Barbie."
Warner Bros. Pictures

Years since then she has looked straight ahead: 52

Last auction price of Andy Warhol’s final work, “Portrait of BillyBoy*,” a painting of his muse as a Barbie doll: $1,161,780

Footage Video Girl Barbie could record from the camera in her chest: 25 minutes

FBI warnings that Video Girl Barbie could be used to create child pornography: 1

Minimum age of consumers targeted for Mattel’s Lingerie Barbie collection: 15 years

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