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Love Reading About France?

We’ve got a fresh compilation of 2011 books

Euro-zone and debt troubles notwithstanding, there’s no doubt that France – at least in the publishing world – is hot.  Or as Joe Queenan, who reviewed three books about France, says, “en style.”

Here, 11 more 2011 books about France and the French, with 140-character Twitter-sized synopses by the authors themselves. Feel free to re-tweet.

  • Bonjour, Happiness! Secrets to Finding Your Joie de Vivre
    By Jamie Cat Callan
    (Citadel Press/Kensington Group, April 2011)
    With a little American-style can-do spirit, you can discover the vaunted French “joy of living” without spending a centime on airfare.
  • Zelda, The Queen of Paris
    By Paul Chutkow
    (Lyons Press, October 2011)
    Camembert and croissants, the Champs-Elysées, and a burglar of vintage wines all play vital roles in Chutkow’s shaggy-dog novel.
  • To Burgundy and Back Again: A Tale of Wine, France, and Brotherhood
    By Roy Cloud
    (Lyons Press, June 2011)
    The author’s francophone brother, Joe, translates the good, the bad & the fermented in Roy Cloud’s memoir of launching his import business.
  • Death in the City of Light: The Serial Killer of Nazi-Occupied Paris
    By David King
    (Crown, September 2011)
    He was handsome, brilliant & charming. The downside: He may have been a serial killer profiting from a murder spree in Nazi-occupied Paris.
  • Death at the Chateau Bremont
    By M. L. Longworth
    (Penguin, June 2011)
    A judge in Aix-en-Provence enlists his ex-girlfriend to help solve the murder of a local aristocrat. Will the man’s death rekindle their love?
  • The Girl in the Blue Beret
    by Bobbie Ann Mason
    (Random House, June 2011)
    Intent on revisiting the site of his B-17 crash, a WWII vet moves to France to find those who rescued him 50 years ago — notably the titular girl.
  • The Paris Wife
    By Paula McLain
    (Random House, February 2011)
    This bittersweet story of Hemingway’s first marriage, to Hadley Richardson, closely examines the years they lived among the Lost Generation.
  • The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt
    By Caroline Preston
    (Ecco, October 2011)
    An American (flapper) in Paris: Le Dôme café, James Joyce, Ernest Hemingway and l’amour all show up in scrapbook form in this novel.
  • Paris Was Ours: Thirty-Two Writers Reflect on the City of Light
    Edited by Penelope Rowlands
    (Algonquin, February 2011)
    32 modern writers contribute essays on why they love, hate, swoon over, freak out about, but can never quite forget the City of Light.
  • La Séduction: How the French Play the Game of Life
    By Elaine Sciolino
    (Times Books, June 2011)
    All French life is based on seduction, and 50+ women fit right in: They flirt well, dress elegantly and lead active sex lives. Air France tix, anyone?
  • 13 rue Thérèse
    By Elena Mauli Shapiro
    (Little, Brown, February 2011)
    An American academic uncovers the story of a plucky pre-WWII Parisian woman who found passion in a dashing and mysterious neighbor.