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Finding the Work You Love

The Essential Guide to Reinventing Your Life

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Whether you’ve toiled in the trenches of bureaucracy or blazed an entrepreneurial trail, heeding the urge to change careers can fulfill a passion you’ve always harbored—but never acted upon.

It could be a bumpy journey, though, filled with uncertainty and risk. As the veteran of two career makeovers himself—and an author who has written about career issues for nearly 30 years—Samuel Greengard knows what’s required to get you there from here. In the AARP Crash Course in Finding the Work You Love, he details how to:

  • discover your “recareering style” (Are you a Change Agent or aFantasy Seeker?
  • find a career counselor who can help you clear obstacles from your path
  • return to school to top off your education and update your computer skills
  • estimate your career-change costs
  • harness job-search and networking tools newly available online
  • write a blog to attract recruiters
  • seed your résumé with keywords to land more interviews
  • explore alternative work options such as flextime, telework, and job sharing
  • take a “power sabbatical” to find your life’s purpose

In-depth profiles of those who have engineered a career switch oftheir ownare rounded out by more practical tips, worksheets, how-to sidebars,key questions, and resource boxes overflowing with helpful books,reports, and websites.