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AARP Bookstore FAQ

Answers to your questions about how to order and download books from the AARP Bookstore

Welcome to the AARP Bookstore, where you can get AARP's e-books and print books on a wide variety of topics — including health, money, food and more. Free books can be accessed with just a click. Other books are readily available via a quick click to an online bookstore.

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In this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), we address a number of questions you might have about the AARP Bookstore.

What is the AARP Bookstore?

The AARP Bookstore is a one-stop shop to download or order AARP books. These hand-picked books cover subjects you care about, such as finance, health, technology, family, cooking and retirement. You can download electronic books (e-books) to your preferred e-reader or tablet and order print books online. Many publications are free. Some are through Wiley, best known for its popular "For Dummies" series.

Do I need to be an AARP member to access the AARP Bookstore?

No. Anyone can download the free content or purchase books through the AARP Bookstore, whether it's for yourself or a gift.

How do I purchase a book?

Beneath each book description, you'll find options for purchasing the book from different vendors. Specifically, under "Buy This Book" you'll see an icon and name to the most common digital bookstores, such as Amazon, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble.

Most e-books are offered in all formats, no matter what type of device you use. Simply click and you'll be taken right to your preferred vendor's book page.

You'll likely be logged into your account already (if not, do so) and simply click to complete the purchase and the download will initiate. If you're buying a paper book, it will be shipped to your door, so be sure to read the bookstore's shipping costs, if any.

How much do the books cost?

Many publications are free. To see these e-books, select "Free E-Books & Resources" from the drop-down menu on the main AARP Bookstore site. Freebies include how-to guides — such as The AARP AlmanacInternet Safety Tips for Dummies, Steps to Finding the Work You Want After 50, and Planning for Long-Term Care. For other books, check the price listed when taken to your preferred bookstore.

How do I download free books in PDF format?

When you're at the "Free E-Books & Resources" page within the AARP Bookstore, underneath the book's short description you'll see the words "Download PDF." Click this and you can download the e-book on the spot. Note: depending on your Web browser's settings, the e-book might open within the browser; if this is the case, and you don't want to read it on your computer, click "File" in the top left corner and then "Save As," before selecting where on your hard drive you'd like to save the PDF file. In some cases, you'll have an option to download the book in English or Spanish.

Where do I go for technical assistance and questions about payments, delivery and return policies?

Because your needs will vary depending on where you're purchasing e-books or paper books, check with the online bookstore tied to your device. These following links should help you get started:

Apple iBooks (iPad)

Barnes & Noble

Books-a-Million (BAM!)

Google eBookstore

Kobo eBooks

Sony Reader Store

What computer hardware or special software do I need to download an e-book?

You can download an e-book to any computer, PC or Mac, and most any mobile device, including e-book readers, smartphones and tablets. All you need is a Web browser and an Internet connection. While books aren't typically large files, for fast and reliable downloads we still recommend a high-speed Internet connection instead of a dial-up modem. Some e-book readers will offer wireless downloads, too, via a Wi-Fi connection or 3G (cellular) connectivity.

How are books chosen to be featured on the AARP Bookstore?

AARP chooses books based on the needs and interests of our members and the 50+ population, to help keep them informed, connected and living their best lives.