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How can I get a break or respite as a caregiver for my family member or friend?

En español | Ask family members, friends from the neighborhood, faith groups or social clubs who may be able to offer help. Consider forming a network or respite co-op with other caregiving families.

1) In-home services: Check with community agencies, support groups and faith-based organizations to find volunteers who can help occasionally or on a regular basis. Or try a home health agency to hire help for a few hours.

2) Community programs: Adult day care services provide daytime programs for adults who need ongoing supervision. These programs typically offer health monitoring, meals, snacks, recreation and exercise, and sometimes offer transportation, therapy, medical care and personal care to help with hygiene.

3) Residential facilities: Nursing homes and assisted living facilities often have short-stay options for families looking for safe, temporary care for their loved one. Check out our tip sheets on what to ask when looking for a nursing home and/or an assisted living facility.

4) Online tools: The National Respite Network has a locator service to help you find respite services in your state and area to match your specific needs. And the Eldercare Locator has a free, confidential online tool that can connect you to an agency that has information on respite services, such as programs funded under the National Family Caregiver Support Program and Medicaid.

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