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In this featured author talk, recorded July 20, 2021, Harriette Cole, Multimedia Associate Producer and host of AARP’s Real Conversations. talks with Francine Russo on how companionship changes with the decades. Video run time is 43 minutes.

Note: Since this video is a previously recorded live event, any references to live chat or tech support are not applicable.  



AARP Author Conversation: Francine Russo

In her newest book, AARP's ‘Love After 50,’ she shares the key to finding an enriching relationship

The uncertainty and instability of relationships in your 30s and 40s washes away as we hit our 50s — or at least that’s what research has found. Older adults are more emotionally stable and more focused on the positive.

“At this stage of life, you don’t have to pick a mate who’ll be a good parent or who can help you provide financially for your family,” notes widely recognized journalist and author Francine Russo. “Your only consideration is to pick someone with whom you can have a truly loving relationship for who you are now — the person you have become.”

Russo’s first book is They’re Your Parents, Too! How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents’ Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy. Her newest book, Love After 50: How to Find It, Enjoy It, and Keep It, in collaboration with AARP, features interviews with top experts in the field, as well as dozens of couples, in order to help show why love after 50 can be more satisfying than love at any other time in our lives. Harriette Cole, a multimedia associate producer and host of AARP’s Real Conversations series, talks with Russo about ways to take advantage of this new chapter in life.


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Chapter One of AARP's 'Love After 50' is available free online to AARP members as an easy-to-read PDF.

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