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What Could You Save on Health Care?

Find out your magic number — the amount of money you could save on health care in retirement. See how making small changes toward a healthier lifestyle today may lead to fewer medical bills and more savings tomorrow.

The AARP Health Care Costs Calculator is an educational tool designed to estimate your health care costs in retirement. You can include your spouse too.

Already retired? Use this tool to help you predict your costs over the coming years. You do not need to be an AARP member. Find your magic number now.

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Coloring Books & Puzzles

Stress may significantly raise your long-term health risks, leading to higher health care costs over your lifetime. Coloring and puzzles are not just for kids – they may help reduce stress and save you money. Give these a try.

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Video Series: Save for Future Health Costs

Recipe for Saving on Health Care Costs

Maria’s recipe for success may save her more than $45,000 on health care costs when she retires. Learn how to get your 'magic number' — the amount you could save


Amp Up Savings for Future Health Costs

Daniel discovered he may save more than $35,000 in future health care costs by lowering his weight and blood pressure

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