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People wait in line to apply for unemployment benefits

A Record 6.6 Million Americans Seek Jobless Aid Amid Outbreak

Last week's unemployment claims doubled from previous week as layoffs mount



A worker unloads a truck at C V S

Companies Hiring During Coronavirus Shutdowns

These essential businesses need workers

employer pledge program logo

Bring Your Experience to Employers Who Value It

Find out more about the Employer Pledge Program


A man is looking at paper work on his desk

Unemployment and the Coronavirus

The latest on applying for benefits, eligibility and more

A woman at a job interview

Salary History Questions Are Becoming Taboo in Interviews

Many states have banned them to fight biases

A resume and cover letter on a desk with a computer and pen

4 Insider Tips to Get Noticed in Today's Job Market

Resume and cover letter are no longer enough

Your Membership

Part-Time Jobs

event planner gets signatures

5 Great ‘Flexible’ Jobs for Older Workers

Independence, hours can make a fulfilling work life


5 In-Demand Careers That Fit Older Workers

Sales reps, health care are some of the top fields

woman standing by a library desk holding a book

5 Up-and-Coming Part-Time Jobs

Employers are hiring more for these positions

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