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Richmond, Va.
Number of Employees: 10,000

The program at MWV, a global packaging solutions company, has been in place only a few years and was begun as a result of the age of the workforce — average age 46 years. The aging population of the workforce made eldercare a business priority for the company. The program development has been influenced by models of eldercare in other companies and is being developed. Currently the program includes:

  • Employee Assistance Program support services, onsite educational workshops and a support network for caregivers.
  • Lift Caregiving ( programs are being introduced as a way to integrate services around caregiving, including online social support network with resources, discounted products that can be purchased by caregivers and professional FAQ. This program will be implemented soon and will also include educational information.

Marketing is managed in-house through ongoing HR promotion. Currently the utilization rate is between 1 and 5 percent. This is anticipated to increase, however, as new services and programs are introduced.

User satisfaction surveys are conducted by providers of specific programs. In addition, employee feedback is important when making decisions about the program.

Employer Benefits
The employer sees benefits in reduced absenteeism, improved mental health and productivity of caregiving employees.

Other Program Information
This program is in the process of being modified and the employer is most interested in basing the modifications on feedback from employees and feedback from supervisors. There are more male employees than female employees and they are aware that men may be hesitant to share their care responsibilities at work. They are expecting utilization and positive outcomes to increase as programs become better integrated and are appropriate for the workforce.