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Looking for ways to help make your life a little better?

We’re sharing some of the latest tips and tricks to help strengthen your health, money and happiness – all in less than 5 minutes.

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Pet Emergency Prep | Disaster Tips

As much as we care about our pets, most people are surprisingly unprepared for an emergency with them. So we’re sharing three ways to ensure our four-legged friends are safe during a natural disaster or other unexpected event.

Learn more: Pet Essentials and Preparedness for an Emergency or Disaster

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Health and Happiness

Snacks for Sleep | Nutrition Tips

Looking for a late-night bite that won’t interrupt your sleep? Here are three nighttime snacks that research shows can actually help you hit the hay.

Learn more: 9 Superfoods to Help You Sleep


Caffeine Confidential | Coffee and Health

Many of us are huge fans of coffee, but there are still some misconceptions about whether our morning caffeine jolt is good for us. Before you down that double-shot frappe-mochaccino, here are three things you should know about your morning cup of joe.

Learn more: Is That Morning Cup of Coffee Good or Bad for Your Eyes?


Be Kind to Your Mind | Brain Health Tips

You probably already know that more sleep and less stress are good for our brains. But a bunch of other habits are important too, and some aren’t so obvious. So we’re sharing tips for taking care of your body’s most complex organ.

Learn more: The 9 Worse Habits for Your Brain


Finding Your Sweet Spot | Blood Sugar Tips

We eat a whole lot more sugar than we realize, and that can make it hard to keep our blood sugar levels in check. Since those sudden increases can cause everything from fatigue to anxiety, we’re sharing three ways to make your blood sugar more manageable.

Learn more: 7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Blood Sugar


Master the Present Moment | Mindfulness Tips

You don’t need to meditate for 30 minutes to be more mindful. Here are three quick and easy ways to become more focused in the present moment, reduce stress and lower anxiety.

Learn more: What is Mindfulness? And Why It Might Make You Happier


Pressure Pitfalls | Blood Pressure Tips

Large bags of chips and tense situations aren’t the only culprits for high blood pressure. That’s why we’re sharing three surprising things that can make your numbers skyrocket.

Learn more: 12 Surprising Things That Can Raise Your Blood Pressure


Make SPF Your BFF | Sunscreen Tips

Sunscreen has the power to protect you and your skin from harmful UV rays, but only if you use it properly. Stay safe in the sun by learning how much to apply, what ingredients to avoid and when to replace that bottle you left in your car all summer.

Learn more: 7 Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Sunscreen


More Smiles for More Miles | Happiness Tips

We can be so preoccupied waiting for good things to happen that we don’t even see the joyful moments going on right in front of us. Here are three small ways you can brighten up your daily life.

Learn more: 8 Simple Habits to Make You Happier


Moments for Movement | Tips to Avoid Sitting

Being stuck in your seated position can take a negative toll on your body, but a few minutes of movement throughout the day can add up in a big way. So we’re sharing ways to sit less throughout the day. And don’t worry — we don’t expect you to walk 10,000 steps on your lunch break.

Learn more: 7 Bad Habits and How to Break Them


Cultivating Calm | Stress Relief Tips

Feeling stressed and looking for some easy ways to find relief? Here’s why you should prioritize fun, watch the birds and make time for movement.

Learn more: 7 Resolutions to Boost Your Mental Health


Home and garden

Squeaky Clean Strategies | Dishwasher Tips

It might not be the dishwasher’s fault that last night’s spaghetti sauce is still stuck to your plate. Plenty of common mistakes can mess with getting your dishes clean, so we’re sharing how to get the most out of your dishwasher.

Learn more: 8 Ways You’re Using Your Dishwasher All Wrong


Trellis Tricks | Gardening Tips

Some decades-old garden advice isn’t as effective as we think. So we’re separating fact from fiction and letting you know what’s really best to help your plants thrive.

Learn more: 6 Gardening Myths Debunked


Keep Bacteria at Bay | Cleaning Tips

The most germ-ridden places are the spots we typically never clean. Here's why and how you should clean your washing machine, reusable shopping bags, and pets’ bowls and food containers.

Learn more: 8 Things You Never Clean but Should


No Pain, No Stain | Stain Removal Hacks

There's nothing worse than getting stuck with a stain at the start of your night out. The next time you're worried about wearing your dinner for the rest of your evening, try our unexpected on-the-go stain-removal hacks with things at your disposal like lemons, a glass of white wine and even your hand sanitizer.

Learn more: Weird Cooking and Cleaning Hacks That Really Work


Supper in a Snap | Microwave Tips

Microwaved meals are perfect for when you’re in a rush, but skipping out on a few simple steps can turn an easy dinner into a disaster. So we’re sharing why you should let food rest, why you should never reheat spicy food in the microwave and how to save yourself from a massive mess.

Learn more: 10 Ways You’re Using Your Microwave All Wrong


Spin Cycle Savvy | Laundry Tips

A few easy changes can clean up our laundry routine, make our clothes last longer and even help us save some money. Here are three common laundry mistakes and what to do instead.

Learn more: 9 Ways You Are Doing Laundry All Wrong


Ditch the Itch | Mosquito Prevention Tips

Do you ever feel like you’re a magnet for mosquitoes? Here are some buzz-worthy ways to keep those irritating insects from ruining your time outside — and the common methods that don’t work as well as we think.

Learn more: Repelling Mosquitoes: What Science Says Does and Doesn’t Work


Wardrobe Wisdom | Tips for Last-Minute Outfit Fixes

If you’re rushing out of the house when a zipper breaks or your deodorant is all over your clothes, don’t worry. Here are three easy hacks to fix last-minute clothing emergencies.

Learn more: How to Fix Any Style Emergency — Fast


Clean Screen | Smartphone Cleaning Tips

The grossest thing you own just might be your smartphone, but before you douse it with antibacterial spray, we’re sharing how to clean your phone — without causing any damage.

Learn more: How to Clean Your Smartphone and Other Device Screens


Grow Smarter | Fall Gardening Tips

Now is the best time to prep your garden for spring. Here are three ways to help your plants thrive when warmer weather returns.

Learn more: 9 Yard and Garden Chores for Fall



Dodging Distractions | Work Productivity Tips

It’s so easy to get sidetracked, whether you’re back at the office or working from home. So we’re sharing a few ways to dodge distractions at work to help you finish that big project with less stress and more time to spare.

Learn more: How to Stop Getting Distracted


No Sweat Summer Savings | Energy Saving Tips

It’s easy to crank up the A/C in the scorching heat, but when the temperature outside rises, so can the cost of utilities. Here are a few ways to save money this summer.

Learn more: 11 Ways to Lower Your Summer Electric Bills


Exercise for Less | At-Home Workout Tips

Gym memberships can be pricey, so we’re sharing how to work out at home for cheap — swapping weights for household items, getting creative with your daily routine, and using resistance bands in place of fancy gym equipment.

Learn more: 7 Substitutes for Professional Fitness Equipment


Wage Wisdom | Raise Request Tips

Asking for a raise can be overwhelming, but you can do a few things to increase your chances of success. We're sharing when and how to do it right.

Learn more: How to Ask for a Raise for Inflation


Family, friends and pets

Post Scam Support | Family Care Tips

A person targeted by scammers can lose their entire life savings, and the experience can be devastating. But the right kind of support can really make a difference in how they recover, so we’re sharing three ways to help someone you love after a scam. 

Learn more: 3 Ways to Help a Loved One Affected by a Scam


Safe Sniffs | Tips to Keep Your Yard Pet-Friendly

Does your pet love to stop and smell the flowers? Take another look at your landscaping to make sure it’s pet safe. Dozens of common plants are poisonous to cats and dogs, so we’re sharing three easy ways to make your yard paw-proof, including which plants to dig up and why you should rethink garden sprays and say no to cocoa mulch.

Learn more: 6 Tips for Planting a Pet-Safe Garden


Sizzling Success | Fourth of July Cookout Tips

Don’t let your Fourth of July cookout take away from any fun for the holiday. Here’s how to clean your grill, when to refrigerate leftovers, and a few ideas for easy, unexpected side dishes.

Learn more: 7 Ways You're Grilling All Wrong


Family Fun Not Feud | Family Gathering Tips

Getting together with your family can be fun – until it’s not. We have tips on keeping your next family gathering as stress-free as possible by planning for when things get weird, finding a support buddy and keeping conversations from getting too personal.

Learn more: How to Cope When Old Family Dynamics Disrupt Holiday Visits


Sharing Spaces | Tips for Living With Parents

Living with your parents or in-laws has plenty of benefits, but it can come with its own challenges. Here are three ways to take care of yourselves when your family moves in.

Learn more: How to Save Your Marriage When Mom Moves In


Embracing the Empty Nest | Tips For When The Kids Move Out

Finding your new normal can be hard while your kids are off at college. So we’re talking about how to adjust, including focusing on friendships, allowing yourself to grieve and giving back.

Learn more: Who Are You Once the Kids Are Gone



Hike Happy | National Park Tips

National parks may be busier than you think this summer. So we’re sharing a few things you can do to make your trip less stressful and better for nature.

Learn more: 5 National Parks You Can Visit by Bus


Em-Barking on an Adventure | Pet Road Trip Tips

Hitting the highway with your pets comes with a new set of road rules to make them comfortable, safe and ready for adventure.

Learn more: Vacationing With Your Pet? You're Not Alone


Hacks for a Feel-Good Flight | Travel Tips

No one wants to start their vacation feeling nauseated and lightheaded after a long flight. So we’re sharing tips for staying hydrated while traveling.

Learn more: 7 Tips to Avoid Dehydration While Traveling


Bon Voyage on a Budget | Travel Tips

Trying to take a vacation without breaking the bank can be tricky, so we’re sharing a few ways to save money before your next big trip. 

Learn more: 99 Great Ways to Save

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