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Looking for ways to help make your life a little better?

We’re sharing some of the latest tips and tricks to help strengthen your health, money and happiness – all in less than 5 minutes.

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Save Money on Memories | Gift-Giving Tips

The most meaningful presents don’t always require hours-long shopping trips or a lot of money. That’s why we’re sharing three thoughtful gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

Learn more: 25 Great Gift-Giving Ideas

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Health and Happiness

Be Kind to Your Mind | Brain Health Tips

You probably already know that more sleep and less stress are good for our brains. But a bunch of other habits are important too, and some aren’t so obvious. So we’re sharing tips for taking care of your body’s most complex organ.

Learn more: The 9 Worse Habits for Your Brain


Pressure Pitfalls | Blood Pressure Tips

Large bags of chips and tense situations aren’t the only culprits for high blood pressure. That’s why we’re sharing three surprising things that can make your numbers skyrocket.

Learn more: 12 Surprising Things That Can Raise Your Blood Pressure


More Smiles for More Miles | Happiness Tips

We can be so preoccupied waiting for good things to happen that we don’t even see the joyful moments going on right in front of us. Here are three small ways you can brighten up your daily life.

Learn more: 8 Simple Habits to Make You Happier


Moments for Movement | Tips to Avoid Sitting

Being stuck in your seated position can take a negative toll on your body, but a few minutes of movement throughout the day can add up in a big way. So we’re sharing ways to sit less throughout the day. And don’t worry — we don’t expect you to walk 10,000 steps on your lunch break.

Learn more: 7 Bad Habits and How to Break Them


Keep Calm and Carry On | Panic Attack Management Tips

Panic attacks can be terrifying, but just like storms, those intense feelings eventually pass. We’re sharing three tips to help you calm yourself before, during and after a panic attack.

Learn more: This Is What a Panic Attack Feels Like


Decoding Cold Remedies | Health Tips

With so many cold remedies out there, it can be hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Here is what will — and won’t — help you feel better.

Learn more: 4 Cold or Flu Old Wives' Tales That Are Myths


Sight Savers | Eye Health Tips

Caring for your eyes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your health, but our everyday habits can affect our vision in a big way. So we’re sharing three ways to give your eyes the TLC they deserve.

Learn more: The 8 Worst Habits for Your Eyes


Moisturizing Magic | Tips for Dry Skin

Dry skin can be hard to manage this time of year, and that can be irritating and uncomfortable. So we’re sharing three ways to soothe and prevent cracking and itching.

Learn more: 10 Cold-Weather Beauty and Grooming Tips for All


Home and garden

Spiffy in a Jiffy | Quick Cleaning Tips

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have the time or energy to deep clean your entire house before company arrives. Focusing on just a few spaces can make your whole home seem more spotless than it really is.

Learn more: 8 Things to Clean Before Company Comes


Less Waste, More Taste | Food Waste Tips

We throw away over 66 million tons of food in the U.S. every year. So we’re sharing ways to reduce food waste, including knowing what some product pull dates really mean, what to do with food scraps and why labels could be your new best friend.

Learn more: 9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home


Squeaky Clean Strategies | Dishwasher Tips

It might not be the dishwasher’s fault that last night’s spaghetti sauce is still stuck to your plate. Plenty of common mistakes can mess with getting your dishes clean, so we’re sharing how to get the most out of your dishwasher.

Learn more: 8 Ways You’re Using Your Dishwasher All Wrong


Supper in a Snap | Microwave Tips

Microwaved meals are perfect for when you’re in a rush, but skipping out on a few simple steps can turn an easy dinner into a disaster. So we’re sharing why you should let food rest, why you should never reheat spicy food in the microwave and how to save yourself from a massive mess.

Learn more: 10 Ways You’re Using Your Microwave All Wrong


Clean Screen | Smartphone Cleaning Tips

The grossest thing you own just might be your smartphone, but before you douse it with antibacterial spray, we’re sharing how to clean your phone — without causing any damage.

Learn more: How to Clean Your Smartphone and Other Device Screens


Slow Cooked Success | Cooking Tips

Slow cookers can make meal prep so easy, but skipping a few steps can cause an undercooked dinner or a rubbery mess. So we’re sharing how to make the best of the popular kitchen appliance.

Learn more: 6 Common Slow Cooker Mistakes That Can Make You Sick


Brew-tify Your Home | Leftover Beer Tips

Think again before you pour all those half-empty beers down the drain from your latest get-together. Your leftover brew can be really useful for your next home improvement or cleanup project.

Learn more: 6 Unexpected Uses for Beer — Besides Drinking It


Faster Food | Time-Saving Kitchen Tips

Looking for ways to make cooking easier? We’re sharing three shortcuts in the kitchen, including a trick for reheating rice, an unexpected use for cooking spray and a hack for shredding meat.

Learn more: Weird Cooking and Cleaning Hacks That Really Work


Encore Eats | Thanksgiving Leftover Tips

Looking for new ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers? We’re sharing three ways to repurpose all those extra ingredients so you aren’t stuck eating the same things over and over.

Learn more: How to Safely Store and Use Holiday Leftovers


Less is More | Decluttering Tips

Studies show decluttering our homes can have a positive effect on our health But let’s face it, the whole process can be overwhelming. So we’re sharing three simple ways to make decluttering less complicated.

Learn more: 8 Easy Steps to a More Organized Home


Be Our Guest | Holiday Guest Tips

Spending a few nights with family or friends can be a blast, but adapting to someone else’s lifestyle can be tricky. So we’re sharing three easy ways to be a good houseguest and put your hosts at ease.

Learn more: How to Be a Good Guest in Your Adult Child's Home



Wallet-Wise Warmth | Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter is right around the corner, and you might already be cleaning out your gutters and checking the furnace. But there are other ways to protect your home and cut costs when it’s cold, so we’re sharing how to help lower your energy bill.

Learn more: 13 Fall Home Improvement Projects That Pay Off Big in Winter


Exercise for Less | At-Home Workout Tips

Gym memberships can be pricey, so we’re sharing how to work out at home for cheap — swapping weights for household items, getting creative with your daily routine, and using resistance bands in place of fancy gym equipment.

Learn more: 7 Substitutes for Professional Fitness Equipment


Wage Wisdom | Raise Request Tips

Asking for a raise can be overwhelming, but you can do a few things to increase your chances of success. We're sharing when and how to do it right.

Learn more: How to Ask for a Raise for Inflation


Family, friends and pets

Pass It Down | Holiday Tradition Tips

Are you exhausted by the annual holiday-hosting marathon but not quite ready to leave your kids in charge of your favorite traditions? Here are three ways to make the transition easier.

Learn more: When Is It Time to Stop (or Start) Hosting the Holidays


Post Scam Support | Family Care Tips

A person targeted by scammers can lose their entire life savings, and the experience can be devastating. But the right kind of support can really make a difference in how they recover, so we’re sharing three ways to help someone you love after a scam. 

Learn more: 3 Ways to Help a Loved One Affected by a Scam


Pet Emergency Prep | Disaster Tips

As much as we care about our pets, most people are surprisingly unprepared for an emergency with them. So we’re sharing three ways to ensure our four-legged friends are safe during a natural disaster or other unexpected event.

Learn more: Pet Essentials and Preparedness for an Emergency or Disaster


Hobby Hangouts | Grandkid Bonding Tips

Sharing a hobby you love with your grandkids can be a great way to bond, but maybe you’re worried they’ll roll their eyes at your suggestions. So we’re sharing a few tricks that might make your favorite things even more exciting for them.

Learn more: 10 Ways to Get Grandchildren Interested in Traditional Hobbies


Cold-Weather Canine Couture | Pet Tips

Sweater weather season has arrived, and while you’re layering up, don’t forget to keep your dog warm, too. Here’s how to keep your dog safe and snug when it’s cold outside.

Learn more: Top Tips to Prevent, Detect and Treat Frostbite


Handling Holiday Heartache | Navigating Grief Tips

If you’re having a harder time with the holidays because of grief and loss this year, that’s OK. We’re sharing ways to make the season a little brighter during hard times.

Learn more: Dealing With Grief During the Holiday Season

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