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Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson
New Brunswick, N.J.
Number of Employees: 118,000 worldwide

This innovative program leverages a variety of tools and formats to provide employee caregivers with high-quality support, services and information about caregiving issues.

The program has been in place for eight years. To be consistent with the supportive culture of the organization, the program is offered free of charge to employees in order to maximize participation. Services are provided by a third-party vendor and include:

  • Assessment of the care recipients’ situation by a geriatric care manager (GCM)
  • Scheduled check-in services by the GCM
  • Assistance in planning and coordinating services
  • On-site facility reviews conducted by the GCM to assist the family with placement decisions
  • Consultation services by the GCM to assist with family issues, paperwork, planning, etc.
  • Respite care (fixed number of hours per year)
  • Referrals to community resources
  • Intranet site with information, audio recording and podcasts
  • Webinars and training and workshops
  • Flexible paid time off

Prior to creating the program, a group of employees met to discuss their needs and eldercare issues. This was an important source of information for designing the program.

Marketing to employees to increase awareness and utilization of the program is done using a variety of approaches including providing online information. Due to the range of services offered, it is difficult to assess utilization. However, use of the services among employees is estimated at 1 percent and based on satisfaction with the program and support among employees, the employer wishes to drive higher utilization.

Results from satisfaction surveys among employees using the program indicate high levels of satisfaction and high levels of appreciation with the program elements utilized. Employee feedback is used by this employer as the basis for program modifications. Costs of the program elements are absorbed by the employer, and employees are grateful for the support and real help they provide.

Benefits to Employer
The program reflects the supportive culture of the organization. Their responsibility to employees is articulated in their corporate values statement that “family” includes our employees’ older relatives. They view this approach as differentiating them from other employers to make them an employer of choice. The organization believes that the benefits of the program outweigh the costs and hope to increase their utilization and investment in the program. The benefits include improved retention rates, increased loyalty, productivity improvements, higher employee engagement and reduction of stress among employees.
Other Program Information
This employer provides employees a week of paid work, family and personal time in addition to sick leave and floating holidays. Managers are expected to support caregiving employees, as aligned with the company’s culture and support for work, family and personal life. Johnson & Johnson believes that, in the long run, the use of program elements and time off, as needed, will positively impact productivity and well-being.