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Emblem Health

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Emblem Health
New York
Number of Employees: 5,000

The program emerged out of their integrative wellness program approximately 10 years ago. The program offers a lecture series every other month, a dedicated intranet site for caregiving issues exclusively for employees, including links on this site to information from the lecture series, as well as other caregiving programs and information. They are pilot testing a “Share the Care” group that is managed by a social worker and includes a series of sessions that last 10 weeks at two of the company’s largest campuses. This program assists employees to support each other in their caregiving effort and help one another develop solutions to problems that arise. They have also partnered with the NYU Caregiver Intervention Program to assist employees who are providing care to someone with dementia. This evidence-based program has been shown to delay nursing home placement by up to 18 months by helping caregivers better manage their caregiving. It is six sessions long and these sessions are managed by professionals.

The human resource department of Emblem Health has subscribed to Senior Link Care ( to provide access to employees for services and information. Professionals in their EAP office also are available to consult with employees regarding caregiving and other personal and family issues affecting the employee.

Marketing / Utilization
Marketing is done via their intranet and word of mouth. No specific utilization statistics are available but the program that manages their eldercare initiative, the Employee Health and Wellness Program, has a 50 percent utilization rate.

No formal evaluation has been done of their program it is constantly being monitored by the Health and Wellness professionals and modified over time based upon this review as well as feedback from employees. There are plans to survey employees about the program. Regular surveys are conducted of employees who attend the lecture series regarding satisfaction with the presenter and the topic.

Benefit to Employer
The programs have helped with retention, performance, a reduction in absenteeism and improvements in the overall wellness of their employees.

Other Program Information
Managing this program in the Health and Wellness section of the organization is an innovative approach to eldercare that has been suggested for many years but rarely implemented. Top-level executives of the company are committed to both the Health and Wellness unit and the eldercare program, according to the company representative, which makes it likely that the program will continue to evolve and improve over time to the benefit of caregiving employees.