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CBS Corporation

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CBS Corporation
New York
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The eldercare program was developed after initial contact with the Alzheimer’s Association. Soon thereafter, CBS surveyed their employees to assess how many were caregivers or anticipated that they would be caregivers in the next three to five years. This survey revealed that eldercare was an issue for many of their employees. Realizing the need for support for their employees with eldercare responsibilities, they began to offer their employees back-up elder care through Bright Horizons. The services are available across the nation and provide in-home emergency care to the employees’ elder family members. Employees can use as many as 15 days a year for only $4 an hour. Employees are also supported by Health Advocate, a vendor that provides information about Medicare, benefits and insurance needs. Employees, their parents and parents-in-law are eligible to receive informational support from Health Advocate. Other programs/services include:

  • Seminars on eldercare
  • Books at no cost — The 36-Hour Day and How to Care for Aging Parents
  • EAP services through a vendor, Live and Work Well
  • Health fairs and other initiatives to increase the awareness of employees about Advance Directives

Marketing / Utilization
Marketing is done through direct mailings to employees, Internet resources, information provided at health fairs and through their vendors. They have made modifications to the approach they use in marketing to try to increase the utilization of the various programs. Utilization is estimated at 10 percent.

They conduct an annual health risk survey of all employees and include a question about caregiving and the anticipation of caregiving responsibilities. No formal evaluation has been conducted about the various elements of their program but employees have provided feedback to them that they appreciate the services.

Benefits to Employer
They report a reduction in absenteeism, improved productivity and reduction of the stress of caregiving. This employer views the programs as cost effective.

Other Program Information
The program, although provided by several vendors, is comprehensive. The key informant suggested that, although they have the EAP and Health Advocates, there are many legal questions related to long-term care and this would be an element she would like to include in the future.