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BankSafe Safeguards Against Exploitation

BankSafe Safeguards Against Exploitation

Prevent and Fight Exploitation. Become BankSafe Today!

The BankSafe training platform (PDF) will launch in May 2018. Be among the first to participate in the training that improves how financial institutions serve some of their most valuable customers: older Americans. BankSafe empowers frontline employees to identify red flags for financial exploitation and develop skills to ensure older Americans are not defrauded out of their hard-earned money.  AARP has partnered with a leader in digital learning and instructional design and collaborated with more than 200 bank and credit union experts to develop BankSafe.

This first-of-its-kind course is free, interactive and self-paced. Designed with the frontline-user in mind, the BankSafe training:

  • Includes interactive modules, real-life scenarios and fun games to test skills;
  • Provides short, bite-size education and training activities; and
  • Allows users to train and monitor their progress at their own pace.

The BankSafe pilot provides early access to this robust training. As part of the pilot, financial institutions will also participate in a study to measure the course effectiveness and impact.

Start training your frontline staff now with AARP’s online BankSafe course.


BankSafe is an initiative that empowers financial institutions to protect consumers from financial exploitation and keep retirement savings safe. The average financial exploitation victim loses $120,000-almost the average amount of a 50 year old’s entire retirement savings. So it is not surprising that four out of five older consumers cite fighting exploitation as a motivator in choosing their financial institution. BankSafe has ignited a movement that mobilizes the financial services frontlines to protect Older Americans and their savings-before the money leaves the account.

BankSafe Overview (PDF)

The Business Case:  Why Financial Institutions Should Fight Exploitation and Protect Savings (PDF)

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