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New Hampshire Candidates for Governor Talk About Workforce, Family Leave, Independent Living

A video conversation with Chris Sununu and Molly Kelly

AARP asked candidates for New Hampshire governor how they would encourage workplaces that are inclusive of all ages, provide paid leave for caregiving, and allow seniors to age in their own homes and communities.

QUESTION 1: Employees 65 and older now outnumber teenagers for the first time since 1948, but outdated beliefs about aging prevent us from taking full advantage of an aging workforce. What steps are you taking to adapt new ways of working for an intergenerational workplace and take advantage of the experience and expertise from older employees? Are there opportunities to collaborate with private sector and community partners to create workplaces for all ages?

QUESTION 2: Would you support a family leave law [with no cost to employers/with costs split between employers and employees/or remain silent on structure], that provides paid leave to employees who have to take time off for family caregiving purposes? 

QUESTION 3: How will you [protect/expand] services and supports [that/to] allow [more] seniors to live independently in their homes and communities?