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Where Obama Stands on Your Issues

What the president said during the campaign about Medicare, Social Security, health care and more

President Barack Obama smiling.

Photo by Evan Vucci/AP

The president reelect, Barack Obama.

The presidential election is over. The winner has been declared. What is it he (and his running mate) said during the campaign about Medicare, Social Security, health care — and other issues important to 50+ voters? Here, a collection of campaign coverage that appeared on

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, AARP Bulletin interviews

Obama: Where He Stands

The candidates spoke with the AARP Bulletin about Medicare, Social Security and more. Read

Barack Obama

The President Takes Questions From AARP Members

Read or watch his address to the audience at AARP's Life@50+ Event. Do

Barack Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia at an exhibit in Honolulu, Hawaii

The President and Father

AARP The Magazine visited with the president to talk about campaign issues — and being a dad. Read

Barack Obama On the Issues

The candidate's official positions on Medicare, Social Security and the financial security of retirees. Read

Barack Obama on Medicare

No voucher plan (like the policy proposed by the Romney-Ryan ticket) but maybe a bill. Read

Barack Obama on Medicaid

To expand insurance coverage, the president's health care law seeks to expand access to Medicaid. Read

Barack Obama on Health Care

A look at the president's proposals and policies from the 2008 campaign through today. Read

Barack Obama on Social Security

A vow to strengthen the program — and not turn it over to Wall Street. Read

The Presidential Debates

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney faced off about Medicare, Social Security and health care issues. Read

The Vice Presidential Debate

Joe Biden sparred with Paul Ryan about Medicare, Social Security and more. Read

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