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How AHCA Could Affect Your Insurance Costs

AARP releases impact data for every state

State-by-state number of people in large employer plans

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AARP’s Public Policy Institute has released data looking at the cost impact of the American Health Care Act of 2017 on high-risk insurance customers and people who once had private insurance but were forced to find coverage because of a job loss or other life change.

State-by-state premiums in high-risk insurance pools

View the table of estimated premiums that people with preexisting conditions in each state would pay if they had to buy coverage in a high-risk pool. The premiums are what people would pay if they wanted to keep coverage that is comparable to that provided under current law (silver plan).  

State-by-state number of people in large employer plans who could be affected by the AHCA

The American Health Care Act (AHCA) doesn’t just affect people who currently receive coverage in the individual market. View the number of affected people in each state working for large employers who have lost their jobs, retired, or left to start their own business and may have to turn to the individual market to seek coverage.

Stability fund won’t keep premiums from going through the roof for people with preexisting conditions