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Is Gray the New Blonde?

Move over youth market! Advertisers set their sights on the baby boomer demographic

Never in her wildest dreams did Cindy Joseph ever imagine that her white hair and mature face would get her anything more than a discount at her favorite restaurant. Until one day when a casting agent approached her on the streets of New York City and asked her to model for a Dolce & Gabbana campaign. This unexpected discovery and first photo shoot led to a contract with one of the city’s most prestigious modeling agencies.

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She was immediately launched into a new and exciting career as the poster girl for boomers, a generation that advertisers see as the country’s fastest growing and most lucrative demographic. Now, she is riding the silver tsunami and catching a glamorous ride in one of the world's most age sensitive professions.

Cindy Joseph, 50-plus fashion model

Fashion model Cindy Joseph is part of the new trend of boomer fashion models.

“We are the wealthiest, we’re the biggest, we’re active, we’re buying stuff,” Cindy says. “We’re not sitting on the front porch knitting and rocking ourselves away.”

Never a model in her youth, this 59-year-old boomer covergirl has thrown out the hair dye and is embracing her age in an all-consuming urge to reinvent herself and help others do the same. “I am so thrilled to be in this place in life,” she says. “I am so happy to be done with all the insecurity of youth and know who I am, know what I want, know how to handle myself.”

Cindy is now leveraging her newfound modeling success into yet another new career: starting her own line of makeup—geared specifically towards the boomer generation. My Generation's Mike Cerre stepped behind the camera to focus in on what makes this supermodel shine.