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Do You Stick to a Monthly Budget?

Find out how your saving prowess compares in an AARP Bulletin national poll

Paycheck in. Paycheck out. That’s the extent of financial planning for some people. But others are much better at setting up a personal monthly budget and following it.

To find out how Americans view their own budgeting prowess, the AARP Bulletin teamed up with the independent research firm of ORC International on a national poll. Here’s what they found.

American Adults and Their Personal Budget

  Ages 18-49 50-plus
Do you have a monthly budget that you try to follow?    
Yes 71% 69%
No 29% 31%
If you don’t follow a monthly budget, what’s the main reason?    
Not worth my time 22 21
Don’t have time 20 5
Spend all my earnings 15 12
Tried, didn’t work 14 14
Don’t know how to set one up 9 4
Someone else does it for me 4 5
Another reason 16 39
If you don’t have a budget, do you wish you did?    
Yes 36 25
No 64 75

The results were taken from a survey of 1,019 adults age 18 and older conducted Feb. 23-26, 2012.