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Find out if you can lower your student loan payments or find forgiveness options

Take advantage of a free repayment and forgiveness eligibility review. Plus AARP Members and their families can save up to $50 off of Savi Essential or Savi Pro services, for those who want customized support.


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Did you know that over 20% of student loan debt is held by those over 50? The Savi Student Loan Repayment Tool can help.

  • Repayment and Forgiveness Options: Explore eligibility for dozens of national and state repayment and forgiveness programs.
  • Simple Loan Sync: Sync federal and private loans across all loan servicers easily with industry standard security.
  • One-to-one Support: Contact student loan experts from our team at any time.
  • Educational Resources: Access a free, instant estimate of any savings and broad student loan resources for financial health

Free Assessment       

See if you’re eligible for dozens of national and state repayment and forgiveness programs

Savi Essential

Access to the Student Loan Repayment Tool, filing of all student loan paperwork, status updates on applications, access to the Savi chat, email and customer support line, and ongoing student loan monitoring and support

Savi Pro

Includes a comprehensive student loan hands-on support, including all Savi Essential features and scheduling of 1-on-1 phone calls with Savi student loan experts

Registered User Price

AARP Members

$75/yr Subscription
AARP Registered Users

$50/yr Subscription
AARP Members

$175/yr Subscription
AARP Registered Users

$150/yr Subscription
AARP Members

Benefits of Savi Student Loan Debt Repayment Tool for all registered users, AARP members and their families

  • Help Center that will answer common questions and challenges facing 50+ student loan borrowers (ex. Social Security Garnishment, Default, etc.)
  • Webinars:  Student loan webinar with a trained counselor for AARP Users to answer questions about student loans and inform members about relevant policy changes including the latest legislative updates.
  • Customized Tips: Allows users to more easily navigate the Savi experience
  • Customized Loan Default Support Page for borrowers facing default so that they immediately get access to information and resources to help them avoid default or get out of default.
  • Dedicated and Trained Customer Support available for 1-on-1 consultation for AARP members and AARP registered Users.

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