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Webinar: 'Rules' of Community Engagement

Watch a video presentation by 8 80 Cities and AARP Kansas

How can community or project leaders meaningfully engage with stakeholders? How does productive and inclusive engagement yield both short and long-term benefits for a community?

8 80 Cities, a non-profit organization based in Toronto, Canada, uses simple but creative methods to effectively engage governments and community members in transportation and improvement projects. This webinar shares tips and approaches for informing key stakeholders about new projects and creating opportunities to establish broader long-term alliances. Following these strategies leads to a more impactful project or program — and a stronger sense of ownership and collaboration among key stakeholders in your local government and community. 

Presenters include 8 80 Cities project managers Siva Vijenthira and David Simor, as well as Andrea Bozarth, associate state director, AARP Kansas. They describe the 8 80 Rules of Engagement and show how this approach has led to the creation of vibrant public spaces and more accessible transportation networks in cities across North America. AARP Kansas shares a case study of partnering with 8 80 Cities to hold listening sessions in one Wichita community. 


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