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Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

Watch a video webinar presented by Smart Growth America


Illustration from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“In the real estate industry, transportation drives the development. If you invest in roads and highways, you create real estate products that are centered around suburban communities. If you build communities that have multiple transportation options, you're able to create the infrastructure and software to create walkable urban places.” 

Christopher Coes 

“When we think about community development, transportation investments, as well as community engagement, too often the conversation is around how we take one specific policy and apply it to all communities and diverse populations," Christopher Coes explains in this training webinar, hosted by AARP Livable Communities.

That is done, he adds, "without truly understanding how those populations, whether vulnerable or senior citizens, have their own unique challenges and require specific resources for them to be successful.”

In the equity space, land use decisions and transportation investments need to, Coes notes, "be applicable to all citizens where they are."

The webinar (see the video below) addresses:

  • the overall benefits of creating places that are equitable, walkable and transit-oriented 

  • how zoning and other policy interventions affect the form, development and diversity of the built environment 

  • creative ways for providing and sustaining transit services in diverse communities

  • first- and last-mile access to public transportation

  • opportunity zones and the funding and financing opportunities that are available for equitable development projects and activities through public and private programs and partnerships

  • how to build political will for equitable transit-oriented development


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