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Webinar: Using Charrettes and Codes to Advance Livable Communities

Watch a video presentation with urban planners about a compelling initiative

Urban planners Scott Ball, a principal with Commons Planning, and Marina Khoury, an architect, urban designer, planner and partner at Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, present their work with AARP to create a Charrette and Coding Initiative.

A charrette is an intensive, time-limited planning period, and the speakers describe how it can be used—in tandem with code reform, where necessary—at the local level to make the vision of a livable community a reality. They offer an overall framework for bringing residents together around critical planning and zoning opportunities with local leaders, neighborhood organizations and key professionals to address livability while ensuring the economic health of a local community. A Users' Guide to Zoning Reform, published by the Congress for New Urbanism is discussed as a guide for aligning livability goals with zoning regulations. 


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