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Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care and Independent Living

This report has been updated. Click here for the 2012 Edition of Across the States

Across the States 2009: Profiles of Long-Term Care and Independent Living is the eighth edition of the AARP Public Policy Institute’s state long-term care reference report. Published approximately every two years, the Across the States series was developed to help inform policy discussions among public and private sector leaders in long-term care throughout the United States. Across the States 2009 presents comparable state-level and national data for more than 140 indicators, drawn together from a wide variety of sources into a single convenient reference. This publication presents the most up-to-date data available at the time of production, and is displayed in easy-to-use maps, graphics, tables, and state profiles. (368 pages)

Across the States 2009 comes in two volumes:

  • A full report with an overview of key findings and trends, maps and graphs, and individual profiles for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the nation as a whole. The full report provides a complete picture of long-term services and supports in each state.
  • An executive summary with an overview of key findings and trends, and ranking tables for each indicator, such as percentage of Medicaid long-term care spending for older people and adults with physical disabilities going to home and community-based services, which permit readers to easily see variation among states. Copies of Across the States 2009 are available free of charge. To order, please call the AARP Public Policy Institute at (202) 434-3890 or email

Written by Ari N. Houser, Wendy Fox-Grage and Mary Jo Gibson, AARP Public Policy Institute
July 2009
©2009 AARP
May be copied only for noncommercial purposes and with attribution; permission required for all other purposes.
Public Policy Institute, AARP, 601 E Street, NW, Washington, DC 20049

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