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Veterans, Active Duty, and Military Families

Health Benefits Navigator: Digital Edition

A tool to help veterans and their family members find and obtain service-related health benefits



Discounts for Veterans: Dining, Home, Tech, Entertainment

Find deals that can save you hundreds of dollars

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Inspiring stories and news to use, every 2 weeks


VA Helps Veterans Receive Benefits via Direct Deposit

It's safer, more reliable than paper checks

Meet 9 of AARP’s Military Veteran Volunteers

After serving, they give back to their community

VA Warns of PACT Act Scams Targeting Veterans

Scammers are preying on vets eligible for benefits

New VA Life Insurance Plan to Launch in 2023

Millions of veterans expected to be eligible

Unsung Heroes of America’s Military Cemeteries Overseas

Agency maintains 26 cemeteries, 32 monuments

These Americans Fought For our Freedom

Serving their country is a family tradition


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