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Veterans, Military and Their Families

Why Vietnam Wall Founder Makes Weekly Visits to Memorial

Jan Scruggs looks back at how the wall changed him



Meet One of the First Female F-14 Fighter Pilots

Carey Lohrenz, 53, turned scrutiny into power


10 Myths About the American Flag

Don't believe everything you've heard

10 Things to Know About the VA Home Loan Program

Buyers don't take full advantage of it

Caregivers Will Not Lose Benefits During Reassessment

All service eras remain eligible to apply Oct. 1

Why a Japanese American Vet Paved Her Own Path

Navy Capt. Macri says she was a “triple threat”

​Unlikely Friendship Forms Due to AARP Program

Veteran Friendly Voice program combats isolation

How a Former Marine Continues to Serve

He sees journalism as a way to protect democracy


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