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10 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

Find a present or experience that reflects individuality

10 Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

Roger Bamber/Alamy

A helicopter tour could be the perfect gift for adventurous retirees.

Although traditional gifts such as a watch or an engraved plaque are a safe choice for a retiring coworker or friend, a more personalized present that reflects the individual’s personality could be more memorable in the long run.

  • Help retirees embrace their newfound free time with a gift that reflects their hobbies, such as clubs for golf fanatics or art supplies for creative types.

  • Give helpful travel accessories: luggage with personalized tags, an organizer for electronics and cords, or a gas card for those long postretirement road trips.

  • Retirees have more time to enjoy life, so why clutter up their homes with more stuff when an evening out might be more enjoyable. Consider concert and sporting event tickets.
  • Is your coworker a sports fanatic with a silly streak? You could use your colleague’s image for a customized bobblehead of their favorite baseball team or get a superhero bobblehead created in their likeness.
  • For more adventurous types, a helicopter ride over their favorite city or local landmark makes for an exciting group gift.

  • Does the retiree have musical inclinations? Singing, music or dance lessons could hit just the right note.

  • Philanthropic retirees will appreciate a donation to their favorite charity in their name.
  • A retirement survival kit with novelty or gag gifts could perk up the office retirement party.

  • A membership to a delivery service such as a wine or cheese club will give your friend a gift to look forward to each month.

  • For some colleagues, the personal touch may be more appropriate. Show your appreciation of their efforts through scrapbooks, photo albums or a video tribute with highlights of their career.

A personalized gift can express how much you appreciate retirees’ service while giving them special memories to take with them in the next phase of their life.

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