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Boomers School Millennials on How to Be “Adults”

Classes offer real life lessons to the young

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Guille Faingold/Stocksy

The 'Adulting School' instructors are mostly boomers, with some Gen Xers.

Call it a transfer of life skills to the younger generation.

Two entrepreneurs in Portland, Maine, have opened the Adulting School, where millennials sign up for online lessons in how to be an adult. Their teachers are mostly boomers, with some Gen Xers, reports Next Avenue, a website for readers over 50.

The idea came to cofounder and psychotherapist Rachel Weinstein after she saw a sign for an insurance company offering to teach “grown-up insurance stuff” to young adults. Her partner is Katie Brunelle, a health coach and sales guru, according to Next Avenue.

“Most people over 50 are adept at the practical life skills necessary to be successful adults,” said Brunelle. “Since the baby boomer generation was more inclined to learn these skills from their parents or from the school they attended, it is confusing to most of them as to how these skills ended up dropping off.”

Starting in April, students will pay $19.99 for a monthly subscription to take online classes on topics such as finances, make it/fix it and relationships. Mini lessons are also offered, such as How to Remove A Red Wine Stain, Next Avenue reports.

For an extra fee, students in the Portland area can attend events in bars and restaurants, at which they’ll learn essential things like what to do when purchasing your first home. Dinner and drinks are included.

The school isn’t paying teachers yet, but the founders hope to do so as offerings expand. According to Next Avenue, instructors must operate in a “tech-heavy environment” —clearly an area in which their students excel.