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10 Top Superfoods

Avocados made the list again, but check out these others that pack a nutritional punch

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    Power Foods for Super Health

    En español | We know. You’re so over kale and blueberries. Try these surprising new superfoods — and old favorites — for health and longevity after 50.

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    Toasted young green wheat that has a wonderful smoky and nutty flavor, freekeh is high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and it cooks up faster than rice.

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    A hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts, this cute new veggie made its debut in the U.S. this past fall. Kalettes are chock-full of vitamins and nutrients. Eat them raw or cooked.

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    Chia Seeds

    Add these super seeds to smoothies and salads for a dose of healthy fats, fiber and protein.

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    Hemp Milk

    Made from soaking and grinding hemp seeds in water, hemp milk is a good source of the omega-3s we need for heart and brain health.

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    A finely ground green powder that’s rich in antioxidants, matcha increases your metabolism (but without the caffeine jitters). It can be pricey, though: Expect to pay $14 to $18 per gram.

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    Adzuki Beans

    Small dark-red beans with a distinctive white stripe on one edge, they have a slightly sweet, nutty-tasting interior. Like most beans, they’re high in protein, fiber, iron, zinc and magnesium.

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    High in fiber, magnesium and vitamin C, beets contain compounds that may reduce blood pressure.

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    This sweet fruit eases inflammation, provides relief from gout, alleviates pain and helps you sleep better, too.

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    Rich in healthy monounsaturated fat, avocados also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

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    Sauerkraut, kimchee, miso and other fermented foods

    Rich in probiotics and digestive enzymes, fermented foods can improve digestion. Look for sauerkraut and kimchee with live active cultures.

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