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Free Health Screenings

The AARP Walgreens Wellness Tour is hitting the road this summer, embarking on a ten-month nationwide tour to provide an expected $14 million worth of free health tests. Beginning in June, the bus will roll through Massachusetts with stops in Brockton, Lawrence, Lowell, Rockland, Springfield, and Whitman.

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During tour stops, trained staff will administer six free health tests valued at over $100, including:

  • Total Cholesterol Levels - Tests raise awareness of high blood cholesterol as a risk factor for coronary heart disease, the first step toward modifying lifestyle to reduce risk.
  • Blood Pressure - High blood pressure is one of the most common chronic conditions in adults. However, people with high blood pressure usually don't have symptoms, so they often don't know that they have it until it is measured or a health crisis occurs.
  • Bone Density - Bone density testing is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and is a fairly accurate predictor of a person's risk of fractures.
  • Glucose Levels - Blood glucose testing is used to screen healthy individuals for diabetes and pre-diabetes because diabetes is a common disease that begins with few symptoms.
  • Waist Circumference, Body Composition/Body Mass Index – The nation's scales are going up and therefore raising public awareness about the problem of obesity and the risk of excess weight is critical.

Tests are available to adults age 18 and older, and take between 20 and 25 minutes. After the tests are performed, a pharmacist or trained staff member will instantly provide the results and review them with the consumer. Visitors will also have access to free educational information on a variety of health and wellness issues, available in both English and Spanish.

Consumers are encouraged to report their test results to their doctor or health care provider so they may discuss any concerns with them.

Free one-year AARP memberships will also be given to all adults who receive tests, courtesy of Walgreens. Participants under the age of 50 can pass on the free membership to an eligible adult, and existing members will receive a one-year extension on their current membership status.

Massachusetts Tour Dates

June 16
Walgreen Drug Store #03337
135 Broadway
Lawrence, MA 01840
12 - 6 pm

June 17
Walgreen Drug Store #04571
220 S Broadway
Lawrence, MA 01843
12 - 6 pm

June 18
Semana Hispana at Compagnone Park
200 Common Street
Lawrence, MA 01840
12 - 7 pm

June 19
Semana Hispana at Compagnone Park
200 Common Street
Lawrence, MA 01840
12 - 6 pm

June 20
Walgreen Drug Store #06739
54 Plain St
Lowell, MA 01851
12 - 6 pm

June 23
Walgreen Drug Store #07329
75 Market St
Rockland, MA 02370
12 - 6 pm

June 24
Walgreen Drug Store #10272
392 Bedford St
Whitman, MA 02382
12 - 6 pm

June 25
Brockton Health Fair at Trinity Baptist Church
1367 Main Street
Brockton, MA 02307
11 - 5 pm

June 30
Walgreen Drug Store #03736
501 Sumner Ave
Springfield, MA 01108
12 - 6 pm

July 1
Walgreen Drug Store #10127
625 Carew St
Springfield, MA 01104
12 - 6 pm

July 2
Walgreen Drug Store #05445
1440 Boston Rd
Springfield, MA 01129
11 - 5 pm

July 3
Walgreen Drug Store #03625
707 State St
Springfield, MA 01109
11 - 5 pm

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You do not have to be an AARP member to receive the free health testing. No appointment is necessary, and visitors do not need health insurance. Certified health testers will be conducting the tests on a first-come, first-served basis.

To date, the nationwide Tour has administered over 2 million health tests to more than 350,000 people, visiting 3,000 communities in 300 cities in 45 states and Puerto Rico. The tests are administered via nine customized, traveling education and health-testing buses.

Find more information online or call 1-866-484-TOUR (1-866-484-8687).