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Sensible Weight Loss: The 5-Pound Goal

Losing weight doesn't have to be all or nothing. Sadie's weight-loss goals were daunting. But by taking it 5 pounds at a time, she managed to stick with it.

Here's a story from Fat to Fit member Sadie Monterio.  She makes some uplifting and motivating observations. I hope you all find this as refreshing as I do.

– Carole

My motivation for losing weight and getting fit is for the following: health improvement, better quality of life, be around for my grandchildren and my children. Oh, also for my grand puppies.

I've gained a more sensible idea of what weight-loss goals can be. The 5- pound rule is great. I saw it the other day, and I thought: Wow, that would take all the pressure off and give me a more sensible and easily obtainable goal.

I have lost approximately 24 pounds, and I'm doing it one day at a time. When I get slow weeks I just remember that 5 pounds is all I need to go to make my weight goal. It sure takes the pressure off.

My strategy has changed in that I eat what I really like, but I watch the portions. I have found over the years that eating what I didn't want or like was self-defeating and made me feel real bad about me. But who is the most important person in this thing we call life? Me! I deserve to have what I want as long as I realize that portions do make all the difference. Since I've adopted this mantra, I've lost weight. It's an eating-for-life goal. That allows me to change every day if I need to to make things workable.

Medical challenges will always be with me. I have a chronic incurable illness, and it's a fact of life. And it has been for the last 19 years. Some medications cause weight gain, fluid retention and such awful things, but I just take it in stride and know that I will succeed ... and nothing will take that joy away.

Personal challenges are always a consideration. For me, it's taking care and focusing on me and my health. Being a mom for years, it's always been about the husband (ex now), the children, my parents — and I came last.

Now the tables are turned, and I am front and center. I'm divorced, the children are grown and on their own, and my parents have both gone to heaven. So, I finally realized in December 2009 that it was time for me! And I don't feel bad because I've spent the majority of my life trying to do what pleased others and not me.

Financial challenges are a serious consideration now more than ever. But I have been focused on getting in more soft raw veggies, fresh fruit and the things I truly love. Since I've done that things are not less expensive but I know what I need to do to have what I need for me. Its hard balancing medication costs with food and the must haves, but I'm welcoming the re-opening of the local farmers' markets around town. We have a really neat local, organic, open-air market. It's a great place to be.

–Sadie Monterio