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Every day, a growing number of Americans depend on life-saving prescription drugs to get and stay healthy. To help consumers better understand prescription drug choices, AARP and Consumer Reports Health launched a new online drug comparison tool.

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For the first time, people can use Consumers Union data to compare prescription drug safety, effectiveness, convenience and price, and receive tips on how to have a conversation about their medications with their doctor or pharmacist, all at one  easy-to-use website.

The AARP Drug Savings Tool allows users to select the drug they want to compare from Consumer Reports Health’s database of about 500 drugs in 26 drug classes. The tool then provides consumers with the “Best Buy” recommendations—drugs that are recommended by Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs™ project based on their safety effectiveness, cost and convenience.

Users are also provided with a discussion sheet to help guide related conversations with their doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional. Finally, consumers can access the complete Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs™ reports in pdf format on each topic.

DestinationRx’s Drug Compare technology is the leading platform for comparing similar drugs based on comparative effectiveness research and contains the most comprehensive set of therapeutically equivalent mappings available. The same platform supports the AARP Doughnut Hole Calculator, which can help people in Medicare Part D avoid the prescription drug coverage gap.

“Consumer Reports Health is an extremely valuable guide. Their content educates and empowers consumers to make informed choices,” said Alexander Grunewald, Ph.D., vice president of DestinationRx. “We’ve taken that content, added our prescription drug technology and created a tool which will improve the prescription drug purchasing experience for millions of AARP members and others who use it. We’re honored to be a part of this unique collaboration.”

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